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I purchased a Mitsubishi LaserVue TV less than a year ago. My warning is do not buy anything from Mitsubishi. From the start the TV has been acting up and required a reboot to keep it functioning several times a week. Mitsubishi was called and they found nothing wrong with this, a $7000 + TV purchase, they simply had you do a reset everytime it happened. Then the TV would not turn on anymore, that was 5 weeks ago. I called Mitsubishi whose number is plastered on the TV as soon as you turn it on and off, and they determined that it was error code 49 and that it required a light assembly. It is now 5 weeks later and their response is it will be another 3 weeks because the part had to get approval. Everytime you ask for a supervisor they stonewall you and they do not care at all about their customers. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A MITSUBISHI TV AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THEIR SERVICE LEVELS..
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Really? Sorry for your trouble, and I understand your frustration. But Mits has shown to be one of the best companies when it comes to taking care of their customers. Just look around on this forum and you'll see that they are repairing/replacing (with reasonable added cost) tv's that are many years out of warranty. Maybe someone here can tell you someone better to contact directly to get your tv repaired. Hang in there.
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Those are the people I have been dealing with, directly with the company, who cannot give you a straight answer, everything is ""we'll extend the warranty another year" for you and we'll call you back, which never happens. Dealing with this company is frustrating!!!!!! Especially after you fork over 7000$ plus.
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Just because you spent 7 grand doesn't give you any special attention. As stated above Mits is better than a lot of other companies.Excellent customer service is difficult to come by these days, when the economy tanked customer service went out the window with many businesses. Those that knew how to survive continued their level of customer service.

Sounds like you have an issue with the set that you should have been more persistent with from the beginning. If this started from the beginning you should have exchanged it.
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If you have been down that long Mits should compensate you in some way. You do have a Halo product. If you have an attorney in the family get them to write or call the executive office. Also you can always use the Social Sites. If you keep your facts accurate and repost when they delete it someone will wake up over there. No part, no parts.. I know that story because it happens with all manufacuturers but your warranty should get extended or some kind of excahnge offered, something. ... your attorney might could push them for a refund.

I will add I have wondered about the wisdom of paying top dollar for the LaserVue and stated so on more than one occasion. Production numbers are too low and they don't want to scavenge the production line for pieces. What happens when parts get short after warranty... can you say SOL!
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Why wouldn't the retailer you bought it from give you a replacement? Or why wouldn't Mitts send you one. Are you using insensitive language with the service/tech reps? I'm just asking. Because This doesn't seem to be Mits MO. Either way. gtgray gives excellent advice above.
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As per my experience and others their customer service is good not that worst also everyone stated same here. I would recommend you to be polite and calm your anger when calling them. If they don't have parts then tell them to replace TV or ask to refund you. Finally "gtgray" gave you excellent advise but I'm sure you will not have to go through that route.
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I think I would contact a local authorized Mitsubishi service center. Approaching the problem from that angle might be worth a try. You might not have to deal with Mits yourself at all.
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I was in contact with the repair center that Mitsubishi authorized, and they sat on the request awaiting Mitsubishi's approval for the part order, still no resolution from either one...
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Up to today, not one person came to look at the TV. They said with the error code, that they know what's wrong.
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