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best new receiver under 500?

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I have small man cave set up with Samsung 8500 and Oppo 83 bluray player.I have 7.1 surround set up and i am using this for movies and concert dvds but no dedicated cd playback.My present receiver is the old digital Panasonic SA-XR 55.I have my Oppo video connected directly to screen and my audio through optical to the receiver.Would like to keep the price at under 500 if possible. thanks matt
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What speakers do you have?

How big is the room?

Do you care about neworking, internet streaming, using your smartphone to play music thru the receiver, etc?
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Hi, I don't want to thread hijack, but I'm also in the market for a $500 or less receiver. I recently built an HTPC and am considering demoing a set of 3.1 HSU speakers. I'm currently renting a house with a couple of roommates and am about to finish my EE degree. If I like the HSU setup, I'd like to take it with me and expand it to 5.1 or 7.1 when I move into my own place.

I don't think internet streaming or smartphone through the receiver are a huge deal since I have my music library on the HTPC. Any recommendations on a receiver is appreciated.
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Same boat as you guys, I have been thinking about a
refurb Denon 2312CI from A4L. I have researched
for a few months and this seems to be the best
fit for me. Just my opinion of course I could be
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I'm also thinking of going with at 2112CI, they seem to be available on EE for about 430 shipped with a coupon.
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Is there a reason why those are better than the 1913 or say a Sony DN1030? I'm also in the market for sub $500 receiver.
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The Denon "CI" series feature the more advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT and also come with an additional year of warranty.
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