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Convert NES from 240p to 480i?

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I've tried a bunch of searching with no luck, hopefully this is an easy one:

I'm trying to upconvert an NES 240p signal (I have a second gen NES with composite output) to 480i so that my fancy-shmancy receiver can pump it to my TV through HDMI.

Does such a thing exist?
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No, a tool for 240p to 480i does not exist - at least not in a single step.

Pick up a line doubler with component output (e.g. an iScan Pro for about $40-50). it will take the 240p and output 480p component which your receiver can then convert to HDMI.
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Ugh, of course.

The receiver I have can upconvert 480i (over composite or component) to HDMI, or (obviously) any HDMI input. No 480p or 720 over component.

Is there... a way to convert the NES to HDMI? Doesn't really matter the resolution. :\

Thanks for the help, by the way. This issue is just proving to be far more... let's say "dynamic" than I thought. haha
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Really ? Seems weird to me that an AV receiver has HDMI output, but can't process a 480p component input.

NES to HDMI: same as above. Get a cheap line doubler to get 240p to analogue 480p and then use a VGA to HDMI or component to HDMI converter to get it to your TV. Good VGA or component to HDMI boxes will run you roughly $40 as well. You can check my signature for other affordable scalers which might to the same in a single step. Expect to pay a little more though.
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Yeah dude, check it out. It's totally messed up.

Anyway, thanks for the input, I'll start the hunt! smile.gif
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Bumping this thread, to link to some videos.

Ian recently approached me with basically the same problem (240p capture on a HDPVR) and I recommended the same thing I did here. He decided to upgrade to the HD-PVR2 (with HDMI input) and to use an old DVDO processor (a VP20) as a "recording interface".

So, here's his setup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLwkCB55wvc
and here're two recordings, one in 480p, one in 720p, both a classic 240p videogame source.


Quite awesome I would say!
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