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Subwoofer Problem

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Hello all,

I own a klipsch Sub 12, which I have paired with a newly purchased denon 2312 receiver. I have owned the sub for years, but just recently started using it again. Both with my new receiver and with my older yamaha receiver, I'm having a problem with the subwoofer. During loud scenes in movie that typically have significant bass, the sub is very loud. But then during scenes where the bass should be present but just not as loud (ex. door slamming), the subwoofer outputs almost nothing. Is this most likely a problem with the receiver settings or a subwoofer problem?

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Is this in the same room it's always been in?

Has it been calibrated (for instance, running Audyssey)?

Has the sub always performed this way (assuming it's the same room)?

Most likely it's simply a limitation of the subwoofer or a room acoustics issue. Or both. Then there's also the question of expectations. When I think of a door slamming I don't think of needing too much low frequency being needed, though some movies do tend to accentuate that.
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Do you have the receiver set so mains are set to "Small"? If not, try that.
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