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This looks like an interesting product coming to the market.

Rather than wait for TV makers to integrate streaming capabilities into their sets, the two tech companies developed a portable projector with a 120-inch picture and 2.5-hour battery life for $300.

Roku and 3M threw a joint movie night this morning to announce the launch of a streaming projector, built on 3M technology and powered by the Roku streaming stick.

The projector is small enough to be carried around, bright enough to project a 120-inch picture, and powerful enough to pack over two and a half hours of battery life--"long enough to watch just about any movie," according to Mark Colin, 3M general manager of mobile interactive solutions. It's available for preorder now exclusively on Amazon for $299.99, and the plan is to ship devices in mid- to late-October.

“For a TV company to integrate software into their TV is a multi-year process. Whereas a streaming stick, they can build TVs, [and then] decide at the last minute if they want to make it a streaming TV or not. But even though it's a stick, it does have all the advantages of being integrated. It uses the same remote control, it appears to the user as if it's built in. And it has the other advantage that you don't have with integrated software in that you can upgrade it--faster streaming sticks, more features.”

What do you think? A good option for those looking for a portal projector?