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Hey guys, here is a picture of my current setup

The black line represents my TV and the circles are my front speaker positions. Currently I have a Mirage OS3CC in the centre, and two Omni150B's for my front L/R mains (I know buzzy, but for the price it was worth a shot). This is currently hooked up to the remnants of a terrible HTIB setup that is slowly being phased out into proper equipment. The couch has to stay where it is, and the TV has to stay where it is. We have since replaced the two chairs at the bottom of the picture to an Ottoman This is why I figured an "Omnipolar" setup would be beneficial and thus bought the OS3CC on an impulse buy. I have 13 days to return the Omni150B's if need be. So far, I have found them to be fairly underwhelming but being my receiver and cords are still from the HTIB this is to be expected. I think further down the line my main issue will be that I live in a townhouse and therefore will have issues with getting a decent sub to pick up the slack (I don't want to irritate my neighbours). I am just interested to see what others in the similar setup are currently using and/or just general opinions of how I should proceed further.

My next purchase in the near future will be a Denon AVR (either 2112/2113/2312/1912/1913) as well as a coil of decent 16 gauge