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DIY Center Channel and surrounds

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I am looking for some feedback on a set up I am thinking about.

I currently have the following:

- 10" velodyne subwoofer
-2 JM Lab (Focal) Towers Diva Utopia BE (http://www.focal.com/en/home-audio-loudspeakers/hifi-speakers/floorstanding-speakers/diva-utopia-be.php )
-2 Focal Chorus 807v (http://www.focal.com/en/home-audio-loudspeakers/hifi-speakers/bookshelf-speakers/chorus-807-v.php )

I need a center channel. I also consider the channel as very important, especially for vocals, so I am thinking of building a center channel (a bit tricky since I live in Hong Kong, but doable). Plus I want to save some money.

I build a center channel before with Vifa midbass speakers and Hi Vi Ribbon tweeter. I spend maybe $200 USD on speakers and purchased the pre-made cabinet. It sounded fantastic with my Martin Logan In-Wall Speakers, but I left it in the US when I moved. I am now thinking of making a center channel with Fountek Tweeters and some decent woofers. So should I build these or am I better off buying Focal Speakers so everything matches? In theory, I know it can work and have matched different speakers before, but have not had Focal speakers for home theater before.

Secondly, should I am thinking of doing something similar for some additional surrounds so I can have 7.1. Any feedback on that idea?

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building a passive crossover speaker is really easy to do wrong and not the easiest thing to do well.

if you don't have the expertise or the measuring gear, or unless you don't want to spend a fair amount of time experimenting with different network components, your best bet is likely to buy one. if you are really tight on cash, you might look around for a design with the crossover already designed and tested.
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If he makes a center channel that has already been designed and tested is there a reliable way to find one that will integrate well with his existing L/R mains? Can specs tell you enough?

How hard is it to go with an active crossover and biamp? Could he put an iNuke3000 DSP into the chain and shape the sound to integrate well with his mains?
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