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Hi all,

I've noticed that most Home Theater set-ups use 'power conditioners'. From what I understand, it works similar to a AVR (auto voltage regulator), but regulates it to a higher degree so you get a 'cleaner' power rating. In the past, I've always used an AVR for my TV (the only big ticket for our simple 'HT' set-up). But now, we've gone to the full HT set-up with receivers, HTPC, etc on top of a 70' plasma.

Now we get a lot of power spikes in our area (high and low voltage, with 2-3 times a day power outages lasting from 2 seconds to 4-5 hours). We have a diesel generator for the long power outages, but for those short ones and low voltage, I don't think that an AVR nor a power conditioner can help much. So I've been using UPS to protect my equipment. Is this alright / better than using power conditioners?