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Time for new Speakers?

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Hello..I have had my speakers for some time now and I recently upgraded most of my other compents. Here is what i currently have:

* TV: Sharp 70LE847
* AVR: Yamaha RX-A3000
* Disc: Oppo BDP-103
* Video: Directv HR24-500
* Other: RokuXS HD

My currently speakers are:

Fronts: Mirage Omni 350
Center: Mirage Omni C150
Subwoofer: BIC Acoustech PL-200
R Surround: Infinity CS80R
F Surround: Infinity CS80R

I am finding I like the Mirage 350's as they seem to provide a nice room presence and a nice nature sound. I also like the subwoofer. My main issue seems to be the C150 center channel speaker.

The C150 in my opinion seems to muffle the dialog, especially at lower volumes. I have trued changing the crossover levels of it and it has not changed much.

So I am looking at a new Center Channel and looking at the newer Mirage Omnis: OSĀ³-CC, OMD-C1 or OMD-C2. Not sure which one would work best with the other ones.

The other option I am looking at is going with new fronts and center using the Infinity Primus line: 363 (Fronts) and PC351 (center). I am curious to find out opinions if this would be a overall downgrade or not.

My other thought is to try a MartinLogan Motion 8 for the center. I ma not sure how this would sound with my other speakers as I think the ML seems to be a bit brighter. If I did this I would also look to adding the ML Motion 10 for the fronts. Any thought on them

My other thought is to move to a Bowers and Wilkens center speaker: HTM62 or HTM61. If I did this one I am not sure if I would need to get some new fronts. Any thoughts?

And my last thought is to go with the Energy Center: CC-10 or RC-LCR. THoughts?

I am looking for the least costly approach, but ok in spending money for a solution which will last for years.

Thanks for all your responses
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You should get a matching left, right, and center. Using a mismatched center can result in poor dialogue intelligibility, so it might make your problem even worse.

I can't remember which one it is, but the B&W community is not happy with the quality of one of those center speakers.
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Neither the HTM62 or HTM61 B&W centers are spectacular. The HTM61 seems to get the most complaints. Most would recommend a single 685 as a center instead.
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