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Mitsubishi WS73513 scrolling problem

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Hi all,

I have a Mitsubishi WS-73513 CRT RPTV that I've had since 2004. It's been dead for about two years and I'm finally getting around to trying to do something about it.

In about 2006 I had the green light of death problem -- the TV would cut off after a while and the green power light would start blinking. I could coax the thing back on by pressing the reset button and waiting until the light quit blinking and turn it on again, but after a while it got more and more frequent and I got the capacitors on the DM board fixed and all was well until about 2010. At that point I had what at first appeared to be a recurrence of the GLOD problem -- TV would cut out and I'd have to reset it. But after a while, the symptoms changed a little bit -- instead of turning off and giving me the GLOD, the TV would like suddenly lose sync and the picture would start scrolling all over the place and there was a faint high pitched squealing sound. Again, this got more and more common until I couldn't turn on the TV w/o doing a reset and even then it would immediately start with the squealing and super fast scrolling (can still see the picture, but it's scrolling across the screen 10x per second or something.

Don't think it's the caps this time, they don't look messed up or bulging (and I got the caps that were rated plenty high enough and they worked for 4 years. Anyone think it's the caps, or maybe replace the whole DM board or it's something else entirely?

Thanks in advance!
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Just look further down the page to the "Don't dump your CRT RPTV!" thread, post there, and Mr. Bob, the resident CRT RPTV whiz, will give you the lowdown.
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Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction!! I'll go post there right now.
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