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My new Mitsubishi WD-73840

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I have had this TV for about a day and its been nothing but trouble. Any help, or suggestions, or should I just send it back?

I ordered the TV back at the end of june and just got it yesterday. They sent me the wrong TV twice (the 73740) and I sent them both back. I had to wait so long because it was a killer deal and they went out of stock. I got it for just under a grand out the door, its a referb. The referb place obviously didnt know what they were doing. It also didn't work right out of the box because the fan cover didn't hit the switch. I fixed that with a little duct tape to make it thicker and make contact with the switch, if anyone ever has the flashing yellow light problem.

I bought it to play 3D movies and games. The 3D movies it does a great job, and Avatar the game has a built in 3D engine so that works really well. With other games, the computer I'm using is AMD 6850 crossfired, so plenty of horsepower, but 3d either fails or is not as smooth as non-3d. Its probably because it tries to use 1080p/30HZ even in sidebyside. Its a clunky 3d party iz3d driver.

So here are my problems:
1) sound, some frequencies just drive me nuts. I think its waves addup and double if they are just right. Or there is something wrong with the sound. I tried doing the service mode with "menu 2457" and doing the speaker test and only the first 6/16 make sound. The confusing part is while watching the TV normally it seems like speakers on both sides work. My TV did not come with the calibration mic. I called and its 20$ to order. Can I just get an RCA adapter and connect a desktop mic?

2) overscan. I'm using it with a computer and the overscan drives me nuts. The best fix so far was actually just reseting to factory. I think it would be better to go in and adjust the mirror so its closer. Has anyone tried to adjust their glass? Are there shims inside, or could I use longer screws? I also think my glass is in backwards because if I sit in the center and look at an angle I can see the image behind the image. Basically the image from first contact with the glass, and then the outer glass over top. Some might call this ghosting, but as far as I know ghosting is the image left behind after movement. This is a shadow image or something.

I'm really happy with the TV for OTA, xbox, and 3d movies. My sound is not good and hooking it up to a computer is a problem. Suggestions, or should I just return it?
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Can someone check their WD-xx840 by running your finger over the glass and tell me if it makes "zip" noise? The outside of mine has a micro texture that I think should be ment to capture light. It would make more sense to me if it was on the inside. I haven't opened my up yet to see what the inside is like. (and I kind of feel like I shouldn't have to open up and fix my new TV)
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