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Need advice on choosing

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Ok, been reading many post on the Energy speakers and going to take the plunge.

I just ordered a Rc-LCR for the center channel speaker. I have a Yamaha RX-A3000 for my AVR. My other speakers are subwooker Bic Acoustech PL-200 and surrounds are Infinity ceiling mounts

The question I have is should I go with the floor standing, CF's, RC-50 or RC-70 or go with the Veritas floor standing speakers?

I get some what confused in regards to "matching" the fronts and center channel.

I do not want bookshelf speakers.

My main interest for the setup is 90% movies and 10% music

While I wish I could say money is not an issue, I prefer to say I want the best deal for the money. I have seen some good deals on both the Rc and Veritas line of speakers

Thanks for your help
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The RC series speakers are the correct timbre match for the RC-LCR. I have the RC-50/RC-LCR setup and really enjoy it. However, are the RC-50s even available at a good price now? I think you have to go with the RC-70s from Vanns.

Or, refuse delivery on the RC-LCR and get the Veritas series V6.2 towers and V5.2C center so that you have the matching center.
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WHat are the main dofferneces between the Versitas and RC series? Would the V 6.2 be as good as the RC 70
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I have in different setups in my house, RC-10, RC-50, RC-LCR, Veritas V5.1, and Veritas VS Surrounds. The RC are slightly warmer; the Veritas a touch brighter. I feel like the Veritas is slightly more refined when I compare the RC-10s directly to the V5.1s.

However, with the RC-70s, you are going with the top of the line RC. The V 6.2 are one step down from the V6.3s. For music, the RC-70s might be a little better. For HT, probably not. And of course you might prefer the sound signature of one over the other.
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Thanks for the advice.

I was at Best Buy this morning listening to some B&W CM5's and some of their tower speakers. They only had the Energy CF-50 and Cf-70 with a CC10 center speaker to listen to for comparison.

In summary I would say the B&W had a more flatter "natural" sound, while the Energys had a more "lively sound" which I think will be better for movies. I would say with out any doubt the CC10 was the better center channel. Voice was precise and clean.

So based upon your advice from here as well I went ahead and ordered the RC-70's and the RC-LCR. They should be here Tuesday.(used Amazon Prime and paid the $3.99 for Tuesday delivery)

It is mentioned here and at other places to break them in. What is the best way to do this? Can I leave them on 24/7 at low volumes? Or do they need to be normal volume.

I will let you know what I think once they arrive
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Speakers don't need a lot of break in. That is mostly a myth. They'll loosen up a bit but you don't necessarily need to leave them on for extended periods in order to break them in.
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Thanks for the information.

Love you signature and seems to be so true today!

Also love Frisco, Tx!!!
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