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Help me ID this movie - please!

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I keep thinking about this movie, but have no idea what it is; worse than that, I think I am mixing up 2 action movies. Either way it's driving me batty! These scenes are set in Italy, so imagine cobblestone buildings and red tile roofs... In one of the scenes, the hero is chasing down a bad guy and there's some sort of celebration (could be a bullfight) going on in a circular 'square'; they go from inside the buildings to outside and back inside. In another scene, near the end I think, they are running on roof tops when he finally kills one of the bad guys and then suddenly another gets a drop on him but before he can do anything a third bad guy kills the second bad guy and says he's returning a favour for something he did earlier on in the movie.

This last scene is probably from the same movie, but I'm not sure. Mid-movie, he is following a couple of men into some sort of underground pathway 'grid' area with water around them trying to overhear what they are saying.

Any ideas? biggrin.gif
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Sounds like the beginning of quantum of solace
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I thought of that and you might be right for the chase scene. But the other two, the killing on the rooftop and the underground area are not part of QOS.
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The international?
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The only ones I can think of that haven't been mentioned that might be close are "The American" and "Ronin". Neither is exactly what you descrbed, but I'm making the assumption that you might be a bit fuzzy on the details.

Another might be "The Professional".
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The International?

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Holy carp, I really do have 3 movies as 1 in my head. QOS and The International. I guess "fuzzy on the details" was putting it mildly. Hahahaha, wow!

Wonder what the 3rd scene I'm thinking about is from. I remember a small square with tall pillars and a man sitting outside the entrance; it was a hot sunny day. The hero follows 2-3 people down into this underground area with pathways and water, the bad guys meet someone else and while trying to overhear what's going on i think he gets seen. Shooting ensues.
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