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Which of these budget TVs should I buy?

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This is for a spare bedroom in the house, so I'm not looking to drop much more than $200. I'm looking for 32" which would be perfect for the room size.

So I found these:

Wal-Mart actually had the best prices on these. But they all look to have good reviews, most have the nice thin bezel which I like. I could care less if it's 1080p or 720p with this size. But these brands...I don't know much about any of them. Any suggestions here would be appreciated...thanks!

(I can get the Sceptre on Amazon for same price, free shipping, no tax and they offer a 3 year warranty for $30)
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They're all off-brands from start up Asian companies. Some use panels sourced from the big boys, but that doesn't mean you'll get quality in how they're implemented and constructed. Often you get what you pay for. And you do want a 1080p display. 720p is just too blocky looking where you see the pixel grid more easily. These cheap TV's tend not to have good video converters, so 1080p sources won't look very good at 720p.

I will give the most often stated advice: buy cheap and you buy twice... save up and get something better.
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^^^I'd normally agree in the case of a main television or even a bedroom set that's going to get a lot of use, but in a spare "guest bedroom" situation I can see the point in buying a cheap disposable set.
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Thanks for the suggestions...I did some further research, and found this Samsung UN32EH4003 :

I figured that for just another $100 I can get a quality brand so I went for it. Plus I loved the slim bezel. Got it about a week ago, picture looks great, and my biggest surprise was how light it was. But it looks great mounted on the wall of my bedroom, couldn't be happier with the purchase, glad I didn't risk it with some off-brand set.
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