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For Sale:
1TB and 2TB Hard Drives for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have 2 2TB and 8 1TB hard drives for sale. The 2TB drives are warranty returns and will be out of warranty within about 2 months. The 1TB drives are all out of warranty. All prices include shipping.

2TB Drives: $70.00/each

Brand - Seagate
Model - ST2000DL001
Capacity - 2TB
RPM - 5900 RPM
Cache - 32MB
Form Factor - 3.5"

1TB Drives:$45.00/each

Brand - Hitachi Ultrastar
Model - 0A34792
Capacity - 1TB
RPM - 7200 RPM
Cache - 16MB
Form Factor - 3.5"