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Connecting Sound Bar OSD Video to TV

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Hi. New guy here.

I'm now hooking up my new Panny TC-P65ST50. I'm trying to find the best way to connect my Yamaha YSP-1 sound bar OSD video composite cable to the TV. All that's left open on the Panny component/AV harness is one blue (Pb) RCA connector and one red (Pr) RCA connector used for component connections. The yellow (Y) RCA connector is reserved for my TiVo video.

So there's no place I can plug in the OSD video composite cable so that I can optimize the sound bar with the on screen diagrams and inputs.

Do you think that I could use a three-way composite connector and splice into my TiVo video cable? TiVo video will be crap anyway, so line loss is not an issue.

Any ideas? Composite to HDMI? ;-)
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Connect the Tivo via hdmi or component, thus freeing up the composite for the sound bar.
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Thanks for your reply.

Hooking up TiVo with component setup would take up all five RCA jacks on wiring harness and I would not have anywhere to connect OSD video cable. TiVo is old standard def - no component setup.

Could I use a cable that converted from composite to HDMI? Would HDMI digital jack recognize analog composite signal?
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Temporarily unhook the Tivo and hook up the sound bar in it's place. Once you have all the settings updated on the soundbar unhook it and hook your Tivo back up.

Or if you feel that you need to have both hooked up all the time get a cheap composite AV switch.

I have to ask though, why on earth are you using a standard def Tivo on such a nice TV, seems like a huge waste to me.
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Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

Why am I hanging on to my old standard def TiVo? I just had the TiVo HD repaired by WeaKnees and I have a lifetime TiVo subscription. I'm looking to get an HD TiVo if I can retain my cherished lifetime subscription.
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