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Originally Posted by Cam Man View Post

I watched it for the first time since college (mid-70s) recently. My knowledge of history of the period and conflicts was forgotten, so before watching I did a little homework. It helped me appreciate the events more. FWIW for you. smile.gif

Advice taken. smile.gif
I'll do just that.
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Originally Posted by Dan Hitchman View Post

I think the pacing is brilliant. It all comes down to the quality of directing, editing, and cinematography... besides the quality of the acting and script, of course. All were top notch. Epics just don't get much better than this!

Our friends from the UK know Lawrence quite well, but the average (or somewhat above average wink.gif) Joe here in the States does not. I found that understanding the history/biography of Lawrence a bit before I watched really helped me appreciate O'Toole's performance. That in turn freed my "processor" to engage in evaluation and enjoyment of other wonderful qualities of the film without distraction or confusion. I'm actually looking forward to viewing again soon to entertain/share with others.

I stumbled upon this rather good photo of David Lean with a Super Panavision camera. I think that is probably from Ryan's Daughter due to the good condition of the photo. He is looking through the reflex view checking finder. The offset finder that is used when the camera is rolling can be seen at the left edge of frame.

I can tell in this photo that the camera is a very comfortable tool for Lean. The tell (to the trained eye smile.gif) is the way his hands engage the wheels. That may look a bit imprecise, but it actually is very characteristic of a casual and even fond "feel" for the wheels in such a moment lining up or checking a shot. It's kind of an "at ease" position and conveys confidence like he wants to say to the operator "I could do this shot if you want to take a break". wink.gif
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