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Mits HD1000 replacement bulb

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I'm looking for a new bulb for my Mits HD1000, and I have a few questions.
- Hybrid vs.OEM? I don't want to go completely generic, but are there any downsides to buying a hybrid (OEM bulb & generic housing). It seems like the failure-prone item would be the bulb, & there's a significant price difference - $235 vs. $300 - $350.
- Anybody know anything about Apex lamps (http://www.apexlamps.com/index.php?route=common/home)? They offer a hybrid with a claimed OEM lamp and a 180-day warranty for $120. That's so much cheaper than any place else I've seen that I've gotta wonder.
- Any other good deals from reputable dealers I should know about?

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provantage.com, search the Mtisubishi part number and buy the OEM for $29x, I did this some years ago and the OEM is still going strong with 3000 hours on eco, you get what you pay for so don't wast your money on anything less the OEM. Search the forum you will see the same advice a 100 times over, every time this question is asked
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Airscapesart - thanks for the info. I'll give them a try.

I also saw a thread where people talked about just resetting their bulb timer to get more life out of the original bulb. I'm happy with the image brightness, so I may try this. Do you know what the typical failure mode is for these bulbs? Is it likely to explode and take out my projector, or just gradually get dimmer?
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it's a crap shoot, but Mitsubishi lamp seem to hold up well past the recommended replacement interval. Yes the can explode.. that is why they are recommended to be replaced at a certain usage hour. The lamp pressure vessel starts to weaken with age so to be safe the pad the average failure time so you replace it before it lets loose.. Sometimes the arc just fails to start do to electrode wear long before the pressure tube fails.. Good luck!
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