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In an effort to improve the low end output of my HT system I began researching commercially available subs. None of the offerings attracted my attention enough to warrant the price of admission. I then stumbled on to several THT build threads and was struck by the praise given to the design. I popped over to the Bill Fitzmaurce site and ordered the plans for a Tuba HT. I have a spare channel of a QSC GX3 amp that I intend to power the Tuba.

I have a 2 channel system in the living room consisting of Polk LSI9's and 2 Klips sub 12's. but often get relegated to the HT (basement system) to enjoy music by my wife/kids. The THT will be placed in the basement HT system which is ~25% music 75% movies. I was drawn in by the reviews stating the THT performs exceptionally well with both music and movies.

SUBS: 2 PSW505's (will be shifted once the THT is complete)
MAINS: Polk RTI A9's
REAR: Bose 191 inwalls

Dayton Audio RS S390-HF 15"
10/32 mounting kit
PE Gasket tape
Auraco 1/2" plywood
Speaker mounting terminal

Panels 1,2,and 3 are in place and I am currently waiting for the driver to be delivered (should be this week) so I can move to panel 4. This is my first DIY speaker build and so far no hiccups. (yet) I am building the THT with 24" wide panels. PICS coming soon.

I find the instructions a bit cryptic biggrin.gif but after a few passes they can be deciphered.
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Looking forward to seeing your build INJUN!
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Sounds fun man. Good luck.

Where we at in the process?

Materials purchased? Design complete...? Details...details...
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Progress so far:

Diagrammed Panel 1

Cut Driver access hole

Placed panels 2 & 3

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Originally Posted by popalock View Post

Sounds fun man. Good luck.
Where we at in the process?
Materials purchased? Design complete...? Details...details...

Thanks for the kinds words. I am looking forward to the project. I have purchased most of the required materials.

Dayton Audio RS S390-HF 15" Driver
10/32 mounting kit
PE Speaker Gasket tape
Auraco 1/2" plywood 2-sheets. Will require at least another half sheet if my math pans out.
Speaker mounting terminal

I am following the Bill Fitzmaurice plans for the Tuba HT sub.
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Will be following along - is that the THT or THT LP, I can't quite tell yet from the pics?
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I think THT (not LP) since it has an access hole.

Go INJUN! These horn subs are fun to build. smile.gif

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This is the THT. I considered the LP but opted for the THT. I have a relatively large room (32x15) and I am hoping this is all I will require. If necessary I can build an LP and place behind the couch. I hope one THT will be sufficient. I have been really enjoying myself so far. I am working alone so progress may be a bit slow.

Just received a giant box from Parts Express. I ordered Saturday. Pretty quick! Double boxed. All looks well. The driver is substantial to say the least.

Driver break in considered a must? I planned on testing to make certain it functioned, but certainly open to other opinions.
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Most of the build threads did not seem to include the driver spacer. Is this an option?
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I actually never bothered with break in, I figured it would break in anyway from use (just maybe a little slower).
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Progress Report.

Waiting for the PL to dry.

I failed to account for the fact that my 1/2" ply is not 1/2". The cross brace for the mouth was too large, so I cut it a second time and shoved in an additional piece of ply.


Box complete and ready for bondo. My bondo skills are not quite up to par....

The corners are off a bit. Perhaps more bondo is in order. Was sanding by hand are my arm nearly fell off. Purchased a sander attachment for my drill and only made matters worse...
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I found a can of dark purple paint/primer in the garage and decided to put it to good use. At $40 a gallon why not.

Bondo is not my friend and I was not pleased with the way my edges looked so I decided to add a bit of trim. This is my first go at trim so it is a wait and see proposition. My wife is very tolerant of my idiocy and only offered a head shake when I introduced her to the tuba. My original plan called for black bed liner but considering her "acceptance" of the tuba I hope to make it as appealing as possible. The plan now calls for painting the body the same color as the room and the trim an offset shade. Taking into consideration this is probably the 9000th THT build thread tongue.gif, I will post the completed product and let it go.
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I was able to fit the driver and had a bit of a close call. Although I took the advise of several others and used a 5 min epoxy, I started to feel a hurricane spin loose. It did however catch;). I hooked the tuba to an old receiver to test for leaks. I have (had) a DMM but could not locate. I thought the gain was down enough but.....


No leaks.

I was still not pleased with my bondo work and poked around the hardware store and deceived to give this a go.

Not too bad. It seems as if my wife paints a room or two ever other week and as a result there is a collection of partially used cans in the garage. I was originally going to paint the trim black but chose to go on the cheap.

Looks as if I will head to the hardware store for a can of black paint. The lens on my camera is dirty and made the pictures a touch cloudy.
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THT complete

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Access panel touch-up still required.
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2-3 weeks to build and likely the next 2-3 months tracking down all the newly revealed creaks and vibrations in the room. :biggrin.gif

Thanks BFM. The Tuba HT is a great design and a wonderful subwoofer!
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Congrats! Nice job!

The THT is tough to beat!
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Thank you!
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