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tell me what you think

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I can get a great deal on a 100 inch Stewart firehawk from a dealer. But it has some wrinkles in it. I am hoping to be able an get them out. Should I take a chance or just pass. 5 benjamins seems pretty good, but if I have to get a new screen it may not be such a great deal.
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Where are these wrinkles? If just at a corner, and very small, you may never see them.
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Wrinkles can be caused by various problems, the two biggest to worry about are, miss-handling (pulling down aggressively, disastrous with an electric screen) and the usual suspect... the aluminium tube the material rolls onto is too small to carry the weight, hence it bows and you get a V shaped wrinkle pattern down the screen, usually starting from just above centre. If the wrinkles are down the edges, then the main mounting material has lost its tension. My suggestion, pass. Don't waste your money. You will hate it forever.
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