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Philips 3576H Question

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HI All

Didn't wanna ask in the Main Info thread on the Philips and Magnabox models as i'm not sure if anyone would see it lol, anyways im out of 8x DVD R discs, cannot afford to buy any more yet, only have 16x discs left, so i was thinking recording to hard drive, either saving on the hard drive til i get 8x discs, or transferring to DVD+RW discs, transferring to Computer, then burning to 16X disc there.

Is my plan a good plan or a Not good plan lol

Thanks all in advance
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If your 3576 has never had a problem burning 16x, then you should be OK using them until you can get more of your preferred 8x media.

Is your 16x "good stuff" like Verbatim or old Sony, or lesser quality like TDK, Staples, or (ironically) Philips? The better 16x should burn well and be good for long-term storage, the lesser stuff might burn so-so leading to playback problems later.

If your 3576 has had trouble with 16x in the past, don't use it at all: use your 3576>RW>PC transfer idea.
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Well No Trouble burning a couple 16x Discs in the past with this Recorder, It's Lesser Quality though that family bought a few months ago--Memorex (ughh), but i know it may have playback problems later....soon as i can buying higher quality 8x Discs, Verbatim for sure
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Memorex isn't great, but you gotta work with what's on hand in a clinch. As long as your 3576 doesn't appear to struggle with it, and discs burn to completion and finalize without a hiccup, you should be OK.

Blank DVD media might as well be voodoo for all its unpredictability. Statistically, Memorex, Ritek, Maxell, TDK and the various CMC spinoffs have been prone to burn issues that aren't noticed immediately but cause playback degradation later. But they don't ALL degrade, or the companies would have been sued out of existence by now. Just a certain percentage degrade, depending on initial burn quality and other factors.

You're playing the odds a bit. If the videos you need to get off your 3576 are just typical TV shows, it isn't life-or-death: you just want the DVDs to last long enough for you to catch up with your viewing. If you want them to last beyond that and keep them indefinitely, you could consider duping them onto better-grade Verbatim or TY 8x or 16x using your PC (later, when you can afford to replenish your stock of good media). It never hurts to have a backup copy of important discs.
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Well Just Movies off Satellite i'll be dubbing to Discs off and on, Chicago Fire Series off NBC is only other show i plan on recording, other than that, mostly just a few movies here and there. Important stuff i'll probably just Image to PC still, and save for later dubbing to higher quality disc, (thinking Early Premires of movies) Chicago Fire show i don't know if i'll care on keeping those a long time or not yet at this point

Thanks for the replies and info though, do appreciate it
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