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I have model WD73737 and about 3 weeks ago it starting making a whirling noise which can be heard 8-10 feet away. The noise stops when the lamp and color wheel stop after powering down the TV, which is when the green light on the front begins to blink. At this point i know fans are still running, but not sure which one or if all 3. It is under warranty and I have since had the color wheel and power supply replaced, but the noise is still present. The tech tested the small fan on back and fan behind bulb, but the noise didn't change; however, he didn't test the donut fan next to the color wheel since it isn't easily exposed.

I know that the TV will make some noise when close, but it should not be heard the distance i am hearing it esp when there is volume on from my surround. The noise also varies at times: constant, up and down or none at all. Could the noise be from that donut fan if it is in fact shutting down when the color wheel shuts down.

Thanks for the help.