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Some LED/LCD TV advice

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Not entirely sure where to post this since my question is more about price hunting then the television itself, but I've been looking for a new tv for the bedroom. I'm not a videophile by any means, but I've read a lot of great reviews on the Sony KDL-55HX850 television on multiple sites.

Here's a link to BestBuys page with the TV


First question I have is, do you think this is a good TV for the price? From the reviews I've read, it seems to be a yes, but figured I'd ask you guys anyway since good information always comes from here.

Secondly and my main question, do you think I should wait for black friday sales on this television or do you think the cost of this tv won't really change much with black friday sales? I'm sure I can haggle with my local PC Richards and get a good deal on this set. They always hook me up, but if I can get it for even less on black friday, then I'll wait. I'm not much of a black friday shopper so I have no idea lol.
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Am I in the wrong section? Lol
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No one can predict prices/deals and no one can predict if you can haggle price/deals at any particular store. If you like the set and it's features, have at it.

IME, many B&M retailers will provide a 30 day price protection. So, if you're looking to purchase ASAP, buy around Oct. 30 and avoid the Black Friday BS. You'll be reimbursed the difference if the price drops in the meantime.
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