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$1799 BenQ W7000 @ Costco.ca

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Costco.ca has the BenQ W7000 projector on sale until October 14th for $1799. I was all set to purchase the Epson 3020/5020 and then this deal comes along. Now I need to re-think my decision. The BenQ looks like an amazing projector especially at this price. Then again the less than half rated lamp life on the BenQ may not make it such a deal when you compare it to Epson's lamp life and cheaper bulbs. The 1 year BenQ warranty is also a concern, though with Costco you get a warranty extension to 2 years anyways. DLP doesn't both me or anyone in my family and I have a fully light controlled room so I'm sure either would work perfectly.
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I have the W6000 and it's awesome....I would grab this deal in a heartbeat if I didn't just get my W6000 this year. 3D on the 7000 is supposed to be one of the best on the market.
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wow thats nuts.. since i'm in the states, do you know if they ship to the us? and i presume that price is in canadian dollars.. i haven't done an exchange rate conversion to see what it would be in US dollars.
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The exchange would probably work out to par considering the bank taking their percentage. Or maybe a few cents on the dollar. As for shopping I have no clue.

I still keep leaning towards the Epson 5020 though. Long lamp life, better blacks, quieter iris and fan considering I have a 7' ceiling and the projector will be about four feet from my head. Then again maybe I'll just test Costco's return policy and give it a shot.
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1799 Canadian dollars = 1836.4552 US dollars
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Any chance that this unit will go on sale again at Costco (or elsewhere) for this price?
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What firmware was installed on it? Does it come with 1.00 or 1.03

Thank you.
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I have seen this projector at this price on the internet almost everywhere now, even through BenQ directly...Seems like a good price. Now I just can decide if I want the W7000 or the Epson 5010 with the BenQ being at that price...oh decisions decisions....
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