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Pioneer Laserdisc Test Disc

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I recently obtained a service manual for my LD player (a CLD-98). This says that particular frames of a Pioneer LD test disc should be used to make certain mechanical and electrical adjustments.

I assume this disc is no longer available from Pioneer, and I can't find any for sale anywhere at the moment.

Does anyone know if you can use test frames from 'A Video Standard' or 'Video Essentials' instead of the PIoneer disc?

The disc frames needed for the CLD97/98 are as follows:


There is also a service remote mentioned; GFF 1067. Is this still avaiable from Pioneer, or if not, is there an equivalent model still available?

I'd also be interested to know the part number for the Pioneer test disc.
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This test LD is still available GGV1069


You can get something like the Philips Pronto Pro and there is free code on the internet or just do a search on the GFF1067 and you can find some people that sell remotes programmed to be the GFF1067 or one of it's replacements
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I recently got the test disc, you will want to get the official disc as some alignments require the smaller disc size to work.
Thanks Kurtis for the info re the remotes, I was wondering about that, I guess a pronto is in my immediate future.
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I'm not having any luck finding one though, if anyone has any links, drop me a line.
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Finding a remote I mean, or the pronto codes.
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