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O.K. so I've been looking around for a bigger set (sorry projection guys don't want to go that route) and I've come across the Mitsubishi 92" DLP. This is simply a question of finances vs screen size. My 65s700 while being a great tv to this day does not support 1080p or have HDMI and I watch lots of bluray, xbox and HD stuff. I'm one of those people that can see the difference. Your next question should be why not just go with a Panny if it's PQ I'm after. My retort of haughty derision would include my question of "can I get a 92" panny for around $2500?" The answer to that is no btw. While I could easily get a 65" panny for less than the Mitsubishi 92" DLP, I want a BIG tv. Also besides PQ it seems like a lateral move to get the 65" panny so I already have a 65" tv. So back to the question. Anyone else do an upgrade from a similar set like mine to one of these Mitsubishi monsters and if so what's your opinion on the set? Do I go 3D with it or no? This isn't a question about LED, hating DLP or rear projectors or why panasonic plasma is better than LED. Don't tell the trolls but it is. Hopefully, that keeps some of the threadjackers and trolls away..=)