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Time to upgrade from Hitachi 65s700?

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O.K. so I've been looking around for a bigger set (sorry projection guys don't want to go that route) and I've come across the Mitsubishi 92" DLP. This is simply a question of finances vs screen size. My 65s700 while being a great tv to this day does not support 1080p or have HDMI and I watch lots of bluray, xbox and HD stuff. I'm one of those people that can see the difference.

Your next question should be why not just go with a Panny if it's PQ I'm after. My retort of haughty derision would include my question of "can I get a 92" panny for around $2500?" The answer to that is no btw. While I could easily get a 65" panny for less than the Mitsubishi 92" DLP, I want a BIG tv. Also besides PQ it seems like a lateral move to get the 65" panny so I already have a 65" tv.

So back to the question. Anyone else do an upgrade from a similar set like mine to one of these Mitsubishi monsters and if so what's your opinion on the set? Do I go 3D with it or no? This isn't a question about LED, hating DLP or rear projectors or why panasonic plasma is better than LED. Don't tell the trolls but it is. Hopefully, that keeps some of the threadjackers and trolls away..=)
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You need to see the TVs for yourself, and in a good viewing environment. In my neck of the woods Paul's TV has pretty good display areas.

The 92 is very light sensitive, and works best in light controlled rooms. It is also very sensitive in terms of off axis viewing, particularly vertically.

For me the 73 inch Mits DLP is best in terms of brightness, and evenness of illumination across the screen. But that doesn't sound like the jump up that you want. The 82 inch, properly set up, also looked pretty good to me the times I've seen it. The 92 inch, though dramatic in size, and interestingly, quite sharp, has the shortcomings I've already mentioned.

Although I'm not currently an LCD man, the 80 inch Sharp Aquos is not horribly priced (though more expensive than the DLPs), also is fairly dramatic in size, has very good blacks, and incredible brightness, the latter being very important for 3-D if you're so inclined.

But I firmly believe that there is no theoretical answer to your question, only one based on your own eyes.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply. I wish there was somewhere in my area that they even had these on the floor but they don't. I live in the sticks. My friend just got the 73" and it looked amazing right out of the box. I'm sure with some tuning it would look even better. I was really leaning more toward the 82" for price and a little one upmanship on my friend. The price difference between the 82" to 92" seems a bit much right now. I also think the 82" would be better than the 73" based on the extra viewing distance I have. The 65" I have seems just a little too far away but the way the room is I can't move closer to it or move the tv closer to me. I agree that this has to be based on what I perceive visually. I think the 80 inch Sharp is also really out of my range but thanks for the option.
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Where do you live? I don't mind doing a quick search to see if I can find something near.

The 82 is definitely brighter than the 92, and the sweet spot in my eyes has always been the 73". There's a reason the 73" looked amazing to you. Properly set up, it has a great image, and the price is quite reasonable. There are, of course, various iterations of the 73.
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30728..I've looked at a couple of places in Chattanooga, TN and they didn't have anything but my guess is Atlanta (1.5 hours) will be the closest with something on the floor. Yea..I literally was stunned by the image right out of the box. I want one...bad. =)
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Well, 73 is bigger than 65 inch. It's a bigger difference than you might think. Remember the diagonal difference represents a change vertically and horizintally.

Check out this site, where you can see the difference. Just make sure to select 16 x 9:


I'll check around for you when I get home later.
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Have you tried this place?

Atlanta's not too far if the stores there would let you compare,

Personally, I always go for the higher model number.

Did you check out DisplayWars?
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huh..wouldn't have even thought about that place. I will check it out this weekend..thanks. Yea..the display link was really cool. I did the 82" also..man..frickin huge!!
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I just found that they carry them...not that they necessarily demo them, but they might. So give them a call.

Yeah, 82 is definitely a jump up from 65 and 73. That website is helpful in visualizing the difference. The point is that Mits uses the same 150-180W bulb in all of its sets, and there's only so much magic Clear Contrast screens and calibration can do when your filling a space with light.

But 82 looked quite good to me as well, so it comes down to your eyes.
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For comments on my Mitsubishi 82742 vs. my seven-year-old Hitachi 65S500, go to the Mitsubishi 2011 thread. See posts interspersed (as of this writing) from number 3588 to 3598. They may be relevant to your Hitachi RPTV. Note that I compared my Hitachi, which is 1080i (using an HDMI out to DVI in cable), to the Mitsubishi's performance at both 1080i and 1080p.
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Two years ago I was in the market for an HDTV, and was then considering the 73 inch and 82 inch Mitsubishi DLPs. In the process I saw a lot of panels including quality plasmas and LCDs. Then I latched onto the Don't dump your CRT RPTV thread, and started looking at these retro devices. I found a pristine 65 inch Mitsubishi Diamond and am completely satisfied, preferring it to any of the fixed pixel displays I've seen.

No motion blur, bright natural colors, deep blacks, and the sense of palpable depth to the images.. I can't watch 3-D on it, but there's not that much out there that's great to watch, so I'm happy with what I have.
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Thanks for the reply. I know it was awhile back but reading that does help me. I ordered the Mitsubishi 73642 and it's supposed to be here next week. My friend has the same 73" so I got to take a good look at it. I was seriously blown away. I have had the Hitachi for almost 10 years and the picture has always been amazing but this was one step beyond that from what I saw. I don't know all the difference in the 73" and 82" but I didn't see the grainy effect you were talking about on this one and he's not much for tweaking settings like I am. I will know more when mine gets here also. The one thing was I did see the rainbow effect a couple of times quickly come and go but it wasn't enough to bother me. However, watching it for awhile will determine how I feel about it so you can bet the Hitachi will stay right here until I decide for certain that it's time to move on. Now that Mitsu is getting out of the business of these this 73" may be the last big hope of upgrading to something bigger for quite awhile.
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