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Definitive Technology BP Series vs Golden Ear vs Lots of others

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Long story short.

I'm looking for my first Home Theater Set Up. I just bought a Panasonic VT 55" and want some nice speakers to go along with it. The room it is going to be in is not ideal, but I won't be here for too long. The room is about 25ft x 15ft with vaulted ceilings.

I plan on using the speakers for about 60% HT and 40% Music (mostly classical and jazz). My ideal budget is around $3500 for speakers and a receiver (or less, but not much more).

I haven't had a lot of chances to test any speakers yet, but I'm trying to get some other perspectives besides what the salesmen are telling me.

I don't mind starting with a 2.0 or 3.0 set up and moving up from there eventually.

One place is offering Def-Tech 8060s or 8080s with the center and surrounds for free ($2000 and $3000).

Has anyone had any experience listening to both the Def Techs and the GoldenEar Triton's?

Any advice on other speakers to look at? Vienna Acoustics? Revel? Songtowers?

Any advice would be awesome.

Every time I go talk to a salesman I get more and more confused!

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For home theater, Definitive is hard to beat. I have had some expirience with the GE's first Triton speakers and in my opinion they sounded very hollow and lifeless. I much preferred the sound of the older Def Techs. As far as the BP-8060's or BP-8080's are concerned, I would look I to a pair of used BP-7002's with the C/L/R-2500 or the BP-30's with the C/L/R-2000, or even a pair of used BP-2000's with the C/L/R-2000. These would be better than any of those options that you listed and would be much cheaper.
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Not sure if u have got anything yet but i have the goldenear triton 2s and def tech bp7004s, i have done direct comparisons of them and what i notice was the 2s seem like they have more detail then the 7004s and the base sounds different not as much of a boomy sound but the 7004s r still awesome speakers they do play louder at the same volume i assume that jus means they r more efficent with less power. I like both speakers alot but have the defs as my surrounds right now and ge's up front. I use the clr 2500 for the center and it does good with the ge tritons. Hoped that helpd
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I own Def Tech BP 7002s with a CLR 2000 center. It's awesome for HT and very good for music. But when I listen to jazz, I do feel like its a little muddy in the middle, and for classical the violins and flutes don't quite have the airy sound that I want.

I also have a stereo system in my bedroom with Ascend CMT 340s. I've heard other Ascend owners say that the more expensive Sierra series is a level above the CMT, but honestly I can't imagine how. The Ascends do give me the airy treble I'm looking for, yet when I use the stereo to watch movies, the Ascends can still produce a hell of a sound (matched with a big sub, of course).

To sum it up, I've been happy with my DT 7002s for movies, but if you are really gonna use your system for 60/40, I'd get something else. For me, I'm thinking about upgrading my DT setup to Ascend Sierras when I can afford it (towers in the front, bookshelves in the rear). It's not that the 7002s can't do music. They can, but I know there is something more detailed, more transparent, and I want it!
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I have the Panasonic VT55 as well. It is a plasma that does fine in a sky lit room and is intended for home theater vudu movies.

I was comparing golden ear against 8060's as well. Fortunately they are set up in Raleigh NC 1 hour away and definitive can be had at any Best Buy with out a real demo. Your budget should be more than adequate honestly. I am looking into the comments above but am sold on the built in subwoofers for less clutter. Following less clutter I am using it with Marantaz flagship AV unit.

Are there other built in subwoofer options at this price performance level to consider?
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I got my first Definitive speakers about 14 years ago. I still use 5 dt speakers in my system along with 2 Carver alIII's as my main l/r. I checked out the Triton's when they first came out, I didn't care for them. They may have been set up wrong and the sales guy was pretty useless. I have had little experience with the "forword focused" dt speakers but thought they sounded pretty good. I have listened to several mid to high end speakers over the years and imo, the dt's are hard to beat. I listen to a lot of music and liked my 7001's for music. They are now my rear surrounds with the Carvers up front. I give the slight edge to the Carvers in overall 2 channel music presentation.
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I just wanted to know which one you finally decided on and if you like them??
thanks Johnny
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Well I decided...

Not spending 3500 for a center channel that looks like a burnt flat waffle. GE maxed profits, evaded patents, and set up can be had for 2/3rds off on eBay in a fee years when hype fades.
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For your budget I would buy three pair of DefTech Studio Monitor 450's for about 1,000 and dual SVS PB 12 NSD's for 1,500 place a sub on both sides of the monitor with a 450 on top of each sub (using mopads for stability) you will get the same tweeter and mid range that is in the 7000/7001 but without the bipolar sound but by using the SVS you will get far better bass response than is capable in any DefTech tower and as anyone will tell you going with three matching speakers up front is the way to go. You'll also have an extra speaker as a spare and is 1,000 under your budget leaving you plenty of money to buy another pair of 450's for a 7.2 setup some mopads, stands and 12 gauge speaker wire.....and maybe enough to take your wife/GF out for a nice dinner to ease the pain of that awesome setup which will have zero WAF approval. I have BP7001's and for what I spent on my DefTech setup if I could go back I'd've gone the route I just suggested to you.
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My advice on other speakers to look at would be Klipsch Reference series speakers. smile.gif
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I own the deftech 8060's and in my opinion they are great for movies and music...they sell them at best buy in there magnolia center.Go listen to them with your own music and a movie you like and judge for yourself...smile.gif...I love mine and will never part with them!
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Originally Posted by UofAZ1 View Post

For your budget I would buy three pair of DefTech Studio Monitor 450's for about 1,000 and dual SVS PB 12 NSD's for 1,500 place a sub on both sides of the monitor with a 450 on top of each sub (using mopads for stability) . . .

Anything you place on top of the PB12 will rattle off, that sub vibrates like crazy when you're playing loud volumes. I have MoPads for my PC monitors and there's no way they can absorb the amount of vibration that the PB12 can produce.
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Accuphase I have a light weight portable phone sitting on my SVS NSD 12/2 and I play my bass loud and that phone which weighs next to nothing never moves an inch. I once was playing a first person shooter game on my PS3 with my windows open and the girlfriend was walking home from the store and said she was three houses down and it sounded like WW III was going off and that phone never moved and the phone base sits directly on the sub so I seriously doubt a heavy studio speaker sitting on Mopads will move.
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Maybe the PB12-NSD I have (and the one I auditioned at the shop before purchasing) are of a different gen and doesn't have the same amount of bracing or cabinet thickness. I put my phone on top of my PB12 last night and played some electronica. Yeah... the phone was dancin on top of my sub. I can't imagine how you're able to play at WWIII volumes without so much as a shimmy from your sub.
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I have my PB12/2 sitting on two Gramma pads placed side by side to allow the SVS just enough room to sit on. So maybe that is helping with absorbing the downward force of the two 12" drivers. But yeah my plastic portable phone and remote base unit sit comfortably on top and never have moved. I have my SVS and four mid bass subs in my great room so the mid bass subs handle everything from 40-80Hz and the SVS tuned to 20Hz handles everything from 20Hz-40Hz the bass can be so powerful it'll set off my girlfriends asthma but still no movement from that phone or anything else I've had on there. A dish, a pen etc.... Must be the Gramma pad and the older SVS subs had some great internal bracing.
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