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Newbie question

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I am getting my panasonic 65GT50 next week. What is a break in disk that I read on the forum? I am not clear what Ian supposed to do.Any help would be appreciated.
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Breaking in a plasma has always been a 50/50 thing. Half the people say you absolutely must do it and the other half say you don't, it's not necessary.

Here is a CNET writer's take on it, he too says that you don't need to;


Personally, I have a plasma I bought 5 years ago that I never broke in, I didn't know about it then? I pulled it out of the box, set it up and proceeded to play about 4 hours of Xbox on it, the absolute worst thing you can supposedly do to a new plasma. 5 years later it's my daughter's gaming and Roku TV and looks as good as the day I bought it.

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Just to add, the panel aging process that some call breakin is for people that need a tv professionally calibrated asap. So they run slides continuously for a hundred hours or so then call a pro in for a cal. You can get similar results just watching tv but it can take longer and it tends to age the center of the screen a little more. I see no value to wasting the tv on this unless you are needing a cal pronto.

The plasmas tend to color shift the most in the early hours and people tend to see pic quality improvements in the first 100-200 hours whether watching tv or running slides. So it's up to you if you need to do this. If you do I recommend putting slides on a usb drive or sd card and letting them run from the slot in the tv. If you need the slides here they are. Unzip and add to a clean formatted drive with a windows PC.

BreakIn_Images.zip 8k .zip file
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Shat di I do with the slides, how long to show each as an example?
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i have the same question what is the time recommendation for each slide?
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Take a look through this thread, you can also do a search within this forum for Dnice's slides (its not on this forum, thus cannot post link)

There are a number of threads on this subject, what most people do is load the slides on a USB stick\SD card put it in the TV and run them in rotation for the 1st 1-200 hours.......
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