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Amplify my Polk Audio Rti-a9's?

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Hey guys,

I have been contemplating getting an amp for my setup.
First of all this is what I am working with:
Denon 4311 , two Polk RTI-a9's and Polk CSI-a6 center, and two polk r50s for the rears.

Ive always wondered if the denon 4311 is providing enough power to the rti-a9's, to really bring them to life.
I have toyed with the notion of getting an Emotiva 3 channel to run the fronts and center, but there is so much conflicting info that I have come across.

So, what do you guys recommend? Also what other amps would be comparable and suited for my polks?
Thanks for the help !
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fwiw,imo unless you listen to extreme volumes at long amounts of time the denon should be fine. getting more watts is not going to make it very much louder but might help your reciever when playing loud and long due to heat and stress of the reciever using more watts making it start to distort and from shutting down or blowing a tweeter.alsothe more efficent your speakers the better (less watts used to make louder )ex. 8 ohm and over 90 db
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PS - Thanks guys for the responses and your insight.
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