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CRT love!!

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Ok, so I just demo'd a JVC X70 and was so disappointed! I really wanted to be happy with what I saw on screen. I thought the color reproduction looked horrible compared to my old uncalibrated lowly Sony 1252....The image was artificially sharp and the black level was sub par. Blacks were a very dark grey at best. I asked about the setup done on it and he assured me that jvc set it up and did a full isf calibration on it. The eshift function does work, and figured this was the model for me since I really can't stand sde. Motion was more than good enough for me, but the digital image and lack of a 3d like pop from even a lowly CRT wasn't there. I remember viewing an RS25 a few years ago and thought it threw a pretty good image and blacks were quite impressive(couldn't tell it was on, black). I'm pretty sure the screen was a black diamond though so that could have made all the difference. Anyways, is there anyone out there with similar views on these JVC's. I know a lot of CRTers are switching over, but I'm thinking is a bit premature. Let me know your thoughts!
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Ok, so I moved last month and left my 1252 in my last place. That's the reason for demo'ing the X70. If I were to make a sizeable jump up in picture quality to the 1252 what would you guys recommend? I'm leaning towards a g70 but wouldn't mind hearing your guys' thoughts. I'm pretty much open to anything. Also, is anyone using a darbee with their crt? I've heard of all the desirable benefits while using it with a digital, but would this benefit a crt just as much? Thanks
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There is a NEC 1350LC in Massachusets for sale. Id grab that and fast. WHats your location?


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I'm located in Toronto, Canada. I wonder how much shipping would be!? Can the NEC's resolve 1080p? Not that it's a huge requirement for me, but would be nice.
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1080p60 would be a little soft but why run that for movies? 800p72 or 817p72 is best for movies. As Nash would say "why waste bandwidth on black bars?!"
I would buy the NEC XG and a sick video processor and a moome card AND get it calibrated, shoot you'd be saving money and have a sick setup. Nothing touches a XG in skin tones.
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