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I'm looking for another CD changer with some specific features.

--When the display is set to "time remaining," I'd like it to keep that setting and not default back to "time elapsed" if a disc is stopped, changed, removed, etc. Also, I'd like the display button on the front panel not just on the remote. Both locations is ok, of course.

--If I have multiple discs in the changer, I want the unit to be programmable to stop at the end of the playing disc, instead of going on to the next disc automatically. When I want a long listening session with multiple discs in the unit, then I want the player to continue on through each disc. But I want the option. (e.g., if I have five discs loaded but just want to hear one before sleep, I don't want to have to unload the discs I don't want to hear or use the "memory/program" feature to play the single disc.)

--A single button for "play/pause" would be nice, but isn't crucial.

TIA, folks.

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