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comcast volume is low

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For some reason, I can't hear the announcers during the football game. It's really bad during football games and watching on demand programming. It is ok during commercials and some regular TV shows but not all.

I can't adjust audio because the background noise and music is at regular volume. So if I adjusted the volume to hear the announcers, the background noise would be deafening.

Any ideas on how to fix this or what could be causing the problem? Calls to Comcast were of course no help.
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Check both the cable box and the TV audio settings. Turn off any "surround" options that may be enabled.
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Also, check the audio equalization settings, such as the bass and treble controls on a receiver. The speech frequency bands are midrange. Any chance the speaker system is misbehaving?
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I checked the Comcast cable box and there are no options for surround sound. Least none I could find.

It was working fine up until one day and then that is when I started experiencing problems. The speaker system sounds fine during DVDs, games, and other media, seems to just be Comcast that the sound is messing up.
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With the CC remote, press Menu > Main Menu > Setup > Audio Setup, and see if adjusting those options help. The Audio Output > Advanced > Compression toggle affects voice for me.
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It would be helpful if you provided info about how you have things connected (HDMI, analog audio, optical, coax?) and the gear being used.
Where exacly does the "problem" present itself? TV audio, sound system audio or both.

Based on your configuration, there could be many possibilities.

If everything was working fine previously, that indicates to me that a setting was changed (by mistake) in one of the devices (cable box, TV or audio receiver).

Also.... if using an audio receiver, make sure you didn't change an option for the DSP default audio setting/mode for the cable box input. (game, movie, DPL, DD, etc.)
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Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same problem. HDMI connections from Wii U, Apple TV, Roku, DVD play all carrying sound fine through stereo receiver. From Comcast box, advertisements, some channels, local news broadcasts I can hear the humans and background music. Sports and most HD cable channel programming can't hear the humans.
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Did you contact the cable company and tell them everything?
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