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Official Epson Home Cinema 3020 Thread

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Just installed my Epson 3020 and couldn't be happier. My first projector project and everything went according to plan. The picture is bright and colorful on a big 130" screen. The 3D is surprisingly good as well. Just wanted to open this up as I haven't seen many posts on this new model yet. If anyone has any questions about menus, features or installation let me know. I'll try to post some photos soon.
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Hi, is there any screen door effect image on bright backgrounds ? I have a 8700UB and this effect is really bad, looks like horizontal lines in a blue sky for instance. Hopefully, Epson has worked on this issue.
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How does it handle ambient light? Where did you get it?
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I'm assuming he either got it form Visual Apex or a local dealer. I too am interested in this projector so please fill us in on the details.
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Yup. Got it from Visual Apex on Friday and spend Saturday installing it and the screen (a grey .8 gain from Jamestown Home Theater Screens). I've attached some photos below.

I put in the biggest screen I could with the shortest throw distance possible (130" and projector sits about 13' back) and sit directly under the projector and haven't noticed any kind of screen door effect at all. It handles indirect ambient light pretty well, and I'm guessing it would handle it better on the normal lamp setting. I've currently got it on eco. As you can see in the photo with all the lights on it looks pretty washed out, but I wouldn't expect anything in this price range to blast through that much light.

I was originally going to purchase the 3010 and decided to wait as soon as it was announced. The Auto Iris works in 3D mode now and seemed plenty bright with good blacks. The glasses are very light weight, rechargeable and synced flawlessly. You can even check the battery level on screen by holding down the sync button. I don't know if the 3010 had two options for the Iris but now there is a choice between Normal and High Speed. There are a TON of options I still need to play with, but out of the box on Cinema mode I couldn't be more impressed.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about the set up or the menus and I'll get right on it.

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Cool... Do the 3020 has that softness tone to the PQ like the 3010 has? How good are the black level in the picture?
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This being my first projector I can't really comment on the PQ of the 3010 but I wouldn't call the PQ on the 3020 soft. I find it very sharp and clear. Now if you get up close to the screen you can make out each and every individual pixel but I think that is because of the 130" screen. From my normal seating position there are no issues. As far as black level goes I'm very happy. I got a grey screen to help out with that a little. In bright scenes the blacks are very rich and in dark scenes almost black. I feel like is right in line with my expectations for the price range of the Projector. You can still hear the auto iris working, but I've only noticed it when I've got the volume muted.
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Awesome, I am about to pull the trigger but on a package deal from Visual Apex.

1) how was it dealing with Visual Apex?

2) the 3010 was reviewed very highly but there were two concerns/problems, crosstalk and ghosting in 3D and bad lag time for gaming.

I would imagine the crosstalk/ghosting could be resolved, because the glasses are all new, i.e. RF instead of IR, and of a completely different type....(more like the RF glasses used with the Optoma HD33 which supposedly has great 3D and no artifacts.) Do you notice any problems in 3d?

3) Any idea on the input lag for gaming? Another poster here measured it as being slow but I think its still inconclusive.

4) Are you very happy with the PQ considering the price, etc?

5) finally, any reason why you didn't get the Visual Apex screen bundle? I have a completely light controlled room (basement) so I'm thinking I don't need a grey screen.

Beautiful mount job, looks great. Congrats and thanks for posting.
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1) Flawless. Ordered as soon as they started accepting orders and got it about a week later.

2) Can't comment on lag time yet, but plan on trying some 3D PS3 gaming here this week. As far as crosstalk/ghosting I have noticed a little, but not what I would call an unacceptable level. I've seen plenty of LCDs and plasmas with worse.

3) See #2

4) I'm very happy with PQ considering the price. I was thinking of spending the extra $$ and waiting for the 5020 but I'm glad I got the 3020. I think the 5020 would have been overkill for my first projector.

5) I researched screens quite a bit and couldn't find a better build quality for the money anywhere else. The Jamestown Screen is handmade, wood and aluminum and very nice. For only $300 for a 130" I couldn't be more impressed. I also have a light controlled room but figured the grey screen would give me a slight advantage in the black levels.
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Thanks for the review. I have the Epson 3010 and my only complaint was the crosstalk in 3d. I am thinking of replacing it with the 3020 but only if the crosstalk issue has been significantly corrected. I know you can't compare yours with the 3010, but any info on the crosstalk issue would be very helpful...thanks.
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thanks for following up so quickly.

This too will be my first projector.

I am a little concerned that you are already noticing a bit of ghosting....but you are saying its very minor?

one of the selling points of the Optoma HD33 was very stable, ghost free 3D.

This was supposed to be eliminated, along with improved lag (the two big weaknesses in the 3010)

I'm not a huge gamer...but the lag and ghosting are a concern....

Looking forward to a more detailed review from you....it seems fair to say you are very happy so far, and the ghosting/cross talk is very minor? I.e. the thing you have to really look out for, or noticeable to everyone in the room?

Isn't it fair to expect almost none, since other projectors in the same price range offer completely clean 3D? I understand there are a lot of worse LCDs, etc but that shouldn't be a benchmark, saying that the brand new 3020 has ghosting but, hey, its not all bad because there are other tvs worse....

maybe my expectations are too high?
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Totally understand. I've yet to sit and watch and entire movie in 3D but hoping to have time this week. There is also now an option to tweak 3D depth and screen size in the settings. I wonder if this can help with cross talk? I'm hoping to read some professional reviews soon to see the comparison.
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Can't wait until you've had more time to spend with the projector and for your review.

Please keep us all posted on your thoughts, etc....

I'm buying either Epson 3020 or Optoma HD33 within the next several weeks, just waiting for a few 3020s to hit the ground before I buy.

Amazingly you and others have beat all of the professional reviewers!

Also heard the 5020 is delayed until Dec, but that is more than I want to spend.

The only other poster who bought the 3020 is returning it because he is a big gamer and, according to him, the measured lag is around 100ms (slow) and unacceptable.

He didn't say much else about PQ, 3d or anything else.
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The only reason I didn't consider the Optoma is that I've had issues with Rainbowing on some DLP TV's and didn't want to risk it. I'll do some light gaming on the projectior, but I don't play FPS games so I should be fine.
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As a 3010 owner, I never found the lag noticable...but I dont play alot on line and I think that is likely where is makes a difference. I will be curious by an increase in the lag issue as well, but I suspect if you are not gaming with any intensity that you are not going to notice a problem.

Any chance you could take a picture of the 3d glasses..I am curious what they look like...Also, I am not sure what movies you have, but I would be curious to do a comparison where I see crosstalk in a movie and then see whether you are seeing any. I think that would be helpful to people trying to decide on which version and if it is worth the upgrade to the 3020. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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More than happy to snap some photos for you at home tonight. Only 3D blu-ray titles that I have are Hugo, Avengers and Prometheus (with Avatar showing up tomorrow). I'll be purchasing quite a few more now. smile.gif
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Awesome... I will be getting the avatar 3d tomorrow myself...can't wait. Took everything in my power over the past year to not buy a copy for $100 on ebay. Love the idea of being able to check the 3d glasses battery life on the screen...that is genius.
Don't know if you have any tv 3d channels or not...I have direct tv and they have several...but this is a nice source of some extra 3d content...though sometimes the quality can be a bit suspect.
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is the Avatar 3d blu ray reasonably priced now, and if so from where?

Which channels does directv have in 3d? (I have it here in Michigan and am reasonably happy, as far as "cable" providers go)

I'm strongly leaning towards buying the 3020 over the Optoma HD33 for better reputation, better warranty, newer product, etc. so long as the 3D is good (doesn't have to be perfect, but hopefully better than 3010)
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Avatar is at best buy tomorrow for 19.99 if you have the $5 coupon for trading in an old dvd....great deal.
Direct TV has ESPN, 3net, pay for view movie channel and another one that I can't think of right now. They show IMAX movies on them all the time...very cool...though the bluray versions are still better...I have compared so thats why I say this.

You are right on warranty. Epson is terrific. A new one is delievered to your house in 2 days if you ever have problem while projector is under warranty. I may just have to get a 3020 myslef so I can do a comparison. Probably the only way to know for sure cause everyone sees thinigs differently.
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Avatar 3D will be out on the 16th for everyone!! http://www.amazon.com/Avatar-Blu-ray-DVD-Combo-Pack/dp/B008XBCJ34/ref=sr_tr_sr_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350323817&sr=8-1&keywords=avatar+3d

As for the other topics, I'm looking forward to seeing all of the pics and hearing all of the responses.
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Best part about the Epson 3020 making the switch from IR glasses to RF glasses? I just bought a pair of Samsung SSG-4100GB Glasses for $19.99 at Best Buy and they work great! I'm gonna save a TON of $$ on glasses. According to Epson any glasses that have the Full HD 3D RF logo should work. So excited.
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Wow.that is great news. ..and crazy cheap...do notice any flickering?
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I didn't notice any at all. Now I just need to find an RF glasses model that has a 2D switch so non 3d lovers can still watch.
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Hi there, I´m new in this blog, but let me tell you It has been so helpful, I´m on the way to by my first projector and I´ve have stoped to buy the 3010 and keep waiting to get this 3020. I´m not a big gammer but I usually do some FPS and Sport´s ones.

Please let me know if theres a lag improvement because I have 3 months waiting for this toy!
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cool setup. where are your L C R speakers at? Also, how high is your ceiling? You mention sitting right below it. How loud is the fan?
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Can you do us a huge favour.

Set your Projector into SIDE BY SIDE 3D and view an image (wallpaper) or Side By Side Video without putting it into FULL 3D.
Take note of the DARK parts of the picture. Any strange or jagged artifacts? And blue spots etc.

I've seen a lot of 3D Projectors, and this is a test I like to do to see if anything is wrong with projector. Or LCD Panel.

Basically what are you running your 3D content on. Are you using a PS3. A Media centre...etc.

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why would you think anything is wrong with his projector?

Can't wait for a more detailed report from the OP regarding his review, crosstalk/ghosting in 3D and input lag for gaming.

Thanks again....!!!!
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Originally Posted by y2k02c5 View Post

cool setup. where are your L C R speakers at? Also, how high is your ceiling? You mention sitting right below it. How loud is the fan?

All 5 speaker are in the ceiling. Purchased a new house about two months ago and the previous owner had a home theater room. He left the speakers and the wiring for them so it made the surround part of the equation easy enough.

I think the ceiling is around 9 foot? I'll have to measure. You can see in the photo that there is a large structural beam running side to side in the room, and that limited how far back I could place the projector.

As far as fan noise I'm running on Eco and with even medium volume on the surround I can't hear it at all. Same goes for the auto iris.
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Originally Posted by SoloForce View Post

Can you do us a huge favour.
Set your Projector into SIDE BY SIDE 3D and view an image (wallpaper) or Side By Side Video without putting it into FULL 3D.
Take note of the DARK parts of the picture. Any strange or jagged artifacts? And blue spots etc.
I've seen a lot of 3D Projectors, and this is a test I like to do to see if anything is wrong with projector. Or LCD Panel.
Basically what are you running your 3D content on. Are you using a PS3. A Media centre...etc.

I'm running a PS3 as my Blu-ray player. Don't even have cable hooked up in that room yet. I did the side by side thing and didn't see anything strange. I think my panel alignment might not be 100% perfect but from where I sit you can't tell. Really blown away by the detail in the image. Ran Avatar in 3D last night. I do have to say there is some light ghosting once in a blue moon but no better or worse than any other 3D I've seen.
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The reason I ask is cause I've been thru almost every projector. And now that a lot of manufacturers produce 1,000 of machines. And I've seen Ghosting/Crosstalk be COMPLETELY Different from exact same models. Which I do not think is fair. And it drives me insane. I'm very picky. But I believe we should all be. And that we should get what we pay for.

Imagine getting another 3020 unit. And where you saw ghosting before. It's completely vanished and the 3D is BANG ON.

On another post, and myself having witnessed this several times on a 3010 unit. Something seems to be off on the 3010 unit.
And it can be found in SBS mode, at least in LIVING ROOM, or DYNAMIC. it will show up Blue lines all over the place or blue specs in the Dark Shadows of scenes.

On the PS3 if you have any video's in folders. When you click side by side on. (NOT FULL 3D YET) and take a look at the DARK Window previews. And you see no BLUE SPECS.
That's fantastic news.

I believe Epson. Which I love. knows about this issue. And was Soooooooo curious to see if they fixed it. Or if you had the issue.
And Also bring it to you attention since you would still have the 30 days.

As mentioned I've done dozen's of comparison with many units of the Same Model, and Different models. And I'm an avid believer in EPSON.
I've done the sames tests and have seen many different results.

Thanks so much for your response. I really, really appreciate it a lot!!!!

Here's a sample imagine of what can happen, or appear on some Epson 3010 models.

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