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Confused by HHGREGG: Epson 3010

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Every since HHGreg had sold the Epson 3010 at a good sale price (for a very limited time), i've been going on their website quite a bit to try to find it for sale again. This morning I checked via my phone and sure enough they had it listed for $300 off! I didn't want to buy it thru my phone so I waited until I got home later today. I just went on their site again and of course it's now back to regular price... wth??
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I wouldn't sweat it. You should be able to find a deal as good, if not better, around Black Friday now that the 3020 has been released.
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Thank you, will look for sure. I did, however, figure out tonight that that price remains as long as you are logged in to the sight as a registered user. So, I guess I can post that for now, it would appear there is a good deal on the Epson 3010 thru HHGREGG but you need to register to their site to see it.
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shows discontinued on the web site now.
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