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EyeTV & Album Artwork

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Does anybody know of a good way to automate EyeTV (or another service) to grab album art for my TV recordings before or immediately after the file is imported into iTunes?

Right now EyeTV just grabs a screenshot from the video and overlays some generic "EyeTV" text.

I use my Apple TV to view my recorded content, and I'm tired of the lame album art when scrolling through my new TV Shows that have been recorded.
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For anybody interested - I have figured out a way to do this.

My workflow includes:

1. EyeTV automatic export to iTunes
2. iTunes smart playlist grabs any new TV Shows or Movies added in the last 24 hours
3. Automator App runs every morning and grabs all of the files listed in the smart playlist and sends them to iFlicks
4. iFlicks is set up in "iTunes Compatible", "Current Location", "Add to iTunes Off", and "Automatic Delete Off".

This will automatically update the album art, along with other nice metadata that wasn't necessarily captured by EyeTV when it was recorded.

iFlicks allows you to set unique rules to be used on any file during import, and I've had to do this several times for certain TV Shows in order to grab the correct metadata from thetvdb.com. For example, for episodes of The Office, you have to rename the show as "The Office (US)". You can also specify the exact album art to be used if you are not satisfied with the one iFlicks select. All of these rules are automatic as well, so it's truly a hands-off system.

But so far it works quite well. I'm happy with the solution.
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Hey thanks - I've been trying to step through automating this process with a combination of Iflicks, mediadriver, identify and hazel for quite a while.

Just one question - did you create an automator folder action that brought the shows from your new playlist into a folder, then dumped to flicks?

If you could share how you got the new shows from your smart playlists into iflicks through a folder action I would appreciate it.
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Cliff, I can post the details later tonight.
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Below is the Applescript that I run.

Refresh2 = My Smart Playlist of videos imported from EyeTV in the last 7 days
CMD + A = selects all files in the playlist
CMD + Shift + f = Unique keyboard shortcut that I created to call the service "Automatically Update Metadata of Selected Tracks" which should have been installed automatically when you install iFlicks

on run {input, parameters}

tell application "iTunes"
set the view of the front browser window to playlist "Refresh2"
delay 1.0

tell application "System Events"
key down {command}
keystroke "a"
key up {command}

delay 1.0

key down {command}
key down {shift}
keystroke "f"
key up {command}
key up {shift}

end tell

end tell
return input
end run
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Terrific - thanks!

I just set that up as a calendar alarm triggered by ical everyday at 11:45pm.

I tweaked it a bit by using the standard command-shift-u iflicks update.

I've also set up rules in iflicks to tag specific shows with my preferred square album art for my apple tv.
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Very nice. I'm glad it worked for you!
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I tightened up your original applescript just a bit - I was getting spotty results on auto scheduled tags and removed some of the keystrokes for system and process calls.

I've got this exported as an application, and called by an ical event to run every night. From your original information, I created a smart playlist named "New TV Shows" which pulls TV shows added within the last day.

It does leave the itunes window open when done, but I figured it saves me a step anyway - I'm going to be opening it each AM to check tagging.

This script, along with iflicks rules for artwork and a folder full of my preferred square art for this seasons shows, has really made my week!

Revised is below:

tell application "iTunes"
reveal playlist "New TV Shows"

delay 2.0

tell application "System Events" to tell process "iTunes"
keystroke "a" using {command down}

end tell

delay 3.0

tell application "System Events" to tell process "iTunes"
keystroke "f" using {command down, shift down}

end tell
end tell
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Nice! I'll have to roll that update into my automator app later this weekend.

If I could figure out how to display rectangular tv show art on the Apple TV, it would make my week! But I think it's a lost cause. Every jailbreak and hack I can find just injects new apps onto the Apple TV and doesn't actually modify it.

Have you played around with a comskipper or anything like that?
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I've never seen a hack or jailbreak function that would enable rectangular art. I gave up a while back and started cobbling together square art.

I have played with comskipper - imho it's more trouble than it's worth. It never reliably found the commercial break points - and that made it useless.
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Ok - good to know. I've read about it but it seemed to be quite a hassle with limited success.
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Just wanted to add something - I got creative and dumped that script into Hazel (with the hazel wrappers) and set it to watch the folder TV Shows for new files.

As a result, I have tagging done within a few seconds of the new TV Shows being added to iTunes. Nice thing about Hazel is the ability to watch a folder and all subfolders.
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Just wanted to put an update out there on ComSkip.

Your question and my experience with it had been from over a year ago. I decided to take another run at it.

After a lengthy install process, and installing the patches from this site:


I seem to have it working fairly well. Read the text instructions of the linked site in detail, there's a lot to go through there. I've been fine tuning the comskip.ini file and have had good luck the past few days.

The setup detailed in the linked site is nice because it only *marks* commericals as chapters, it doesn't try to remove them. So - at worst you have the hassle of having to ff/rew to find the right break point...but from personal exprience, it's working quite well in my setup with ATSC OTA HD stations.

Google comskip.ini tuning, there's a wealth of information on tweaking the ini file for various signals and stations.
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I'm fairly new to scripting, but have recently started using EyeTV and an AppleTV as my main DVR/TV watching set up. I'd love to have better artwork for my TV shows than the default EyeTV stuff.

Would it be possible for you to post your final Hazel script? I see there are modifications and such you made at various points but I'm not quite adept enough with scripting to know quite how to integrate the revisions into the original script without likely breaking the thing.
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You shouldn't need Hazel if you don't have it. Just use folder actions to keep watch on you folder.

Comskip works nice. It might not be 100% straight our of the box but if you are not compressing the video in EyeTV then like mentioned earlier it is a short FF or Rev to get to the break. If you are currently manually trying to find the commercials and cut them out with EyeTV then Comskip will make your life much easier.
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To each his own, but I've never found Folder Actions to work well for my setup.

Hazel Script is below:

on hazelProcessFile(theFile)

tell application "iTunes"
set dbID to database ID of track 1 of user playlist "New TV shows"
tell application "iFlicks.app"
«event iFlsUpdt» dbID without «class ugui»
end tell
end tell

tell application "Mail"
set theNewMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Your TV Show is ready", content:"A new TV Show has been added to iTunes and is ready to view", visible:true}
tell theNewMessage
make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:"your name@youremail.com"}

end tell
end tell

end hazelProcessFile
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