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Hitachi Goes Soundbar

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Hitachi has entered the soundbar category with a pair of Blutetooth-enabled models.

Hitachi America is “inspiring the next” this week by introducing two 133-watt Bluetooth Sound Bars, designed to coordinate both cosmetically and audibly with today’s advanced flat-panel TVs.

The soundbars were developed to fit the look of TVs flat panel sets with 32-inch and larger screen sizes. Both will connect to the screen either by wires or wirelessly via Bluetooth, and employ Hitachi’s CONEQ 3D sound technology.

The two models include the HSB32B26 ($149 suggested retail) for 32-inch and larger TVs and the HSB40B16 ($199) for 40-inch and larger TVs. Both will ship this month.
“Sound Bars are all about combining superior sound with space-saving convenience and value, and our new 32- and 40-inch models make adding a sound bar to a home entertainment system easier than ever,” said Bill Whalen, Hitachi America product development director. “In addition to being the ideal audio complement to 3D and high-definition video, the Bluetooth capability makes each Sound Bar a high-quality music system for mobile phones and Bluetooth devices. The elegant design complements any home.”

Each soundbar has four built-in amplifiers delivering a total of 133-watts of power. Speakers include four midrange/woofers and two acoustic lens soft dome tweeters, which are said to deliver “remarkable clarity and punch.”

In addition, each model includes Dolby Digital audio processing and a variable subwoofer output for connecting a powered subwoofer.

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Hitachi seems to be a company that has completely lost its identity. I don't know what they really make anymore. And this offerring does not excite me.
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I like the look of this sound bar, it is more imaginative than the other offerings on the market that are flat pieces of plastic. This circular unit appeals to my eyes at least.
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I think this will be really interesting - nice shape and built-in Class D amp.
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Originally Posted by jigesh View Post

I think this will be really interesting - nice shape and built-in Class D amp.

I agree it's attractive in appearance, but yet another sound bar that doesn't support DTS decoding, which means you can't connect your Blu-ray player and play the default audio track for almost all BDs now.

And, while the price seems nice, it requires you to bring your own sub to the party, which will (a) add cost and (b) require you run wires to the sub from the sound bar.
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I just bought a HSB32B26 from my local Sam's Club. The sound is quite nice for the space it takes. However, I think I'll be returning it...

I bought it to connect to my small TV for better sound, and also so that I could connect my laptop via Bluetooth and play music/etc. The HSB pairs fine with the computer and plays music well until I power the HSB off. Upon power-on, the bar's Bluetooth light just does the slow blink (meaning "waiting to pair with a previously seen device" according to the manual) and never reconnects to my laptop. On the laptop, I choose to connect, and it just eventually times-out. Deleting the device from the computer and re-pairing works fine, again, until the next power cycle of the bar. FWIW, the Bluetooth on the computer works just fine and connects to my small Creative D100 Bluetooth speakers every time with just the click of the mouse -- no re-pairing required.

It's actually too bad that the Bluetooth on the bar is flaky, at least in the version/release I got, as I do like the sound and for my small condo, it's all I need for a "stereo" system. There is a "service" port on the back of the unit which probably can be used to upload new firmware, but it's a proprietary port and I'm not going to mess with having to constantly pair it every time I want to use it, and then hauling it to a service location hoping that they've fixed the issue at some point in the future.
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I had the same problem with my PC Bluetooth to Sound Bar. If I connected to the Hitachi sound bar and then play media no problem. If I'm playing a media file then try to connect it isn't friendly. My mac and other i devices no problem.
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