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HDMI question

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I just ordered a new TC-P65VT50 (replacing a pioneer elite pro-1100). Currently have an HDMI run that is a version 1.2 or 1.3 and is about a 50ft run. I understand that I need to move to HDMI v1.4 to get the maximum performance capabilities and 3D for the VT50. My questions are:

Is the move to HDMI v1.4 worth it?
Will the length of the run inhabit my ability to take advantage of HDMI v1.4 (better picture quality, 3D, etc)?
What brand do you suggest I get. I have been quoted AudioQuest (Chocolate) from Geek Squad for a little over $700. I saw a monster equivalent (HD1000) for ~300.00

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Audioquest and monster are extremely overpriced. Get the 50ft 24awg HDMI from monoprice for $40, its all you need.

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Before going out and buying new cables, wait until the TV comes in and give the ones you have a try. It's possible that even though they aren't 1.4 spec they'll work anyway. I have old cables that work fine with my newer gear - including transmitting 3D. Without opening up a can of worms on the cable issue, I can't see dropping several hundred dollars on digital cables. I've always bought from monoprice or bluejeanscable and have never been any less than happy with them and both places are very reasonably priced.
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HDMI 1.4 is a hardware spec, not a cable spec. Any Certified High Speed HDMI cable will work from a reputable mfr. Monoprice, MediaBridge, Blue Jeans all make excellent cables without the price gouging that other cable mfrs do. Just make sure that the cable is certified for the length you need.
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