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Sony BDP-S580 & Plex Media Server  

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Installed Plex Media server app on my PC (Vista Ultimate, all SP's, etc). Version of Plex is 9.6.9 (current as of October 2012).

When I installed it, my Sony BDP-S580 Blu Ray player immediately saw it & I was able to browse some folders & play some MP3's that were on my PC. However, after I exited the connection, I cannot get it to browse those same folders. All I get now is a message saying it can't connect to the media server, and to try again later. However, it sees the media server in the setup menu, as well as in the pictures, music & video.

But, when I attempt to browse anything on the Plex media server, it gives me the above message. The Roku 2 XD I have will connect to the Plex media server without issue.

I'm stumped as to how it worked the first time & now won't connect to a media server it apparently can see. I've made no changes to the Plex media server, and outside of connecting the Roku to it (different MAC address in a different location), have done nothing else. Both the S580 & the Roku connect wirelessly, with good signal strength.

I'm able to stream radio & netflix on both devices without any connectivity issues or lag.

The BDP-S580 is up to date on the firmware, version M07.R.0624.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or ideas on this particularly frustrating issue.

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