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Big thunderstorm rolled through Texas. A nearby lightning strike woke everyone. It took out both tuners on the downstairs UTV, the wireless house phone base unit and tripped two 110v breakers. The downstairs unit had been in service for over 7 years. I have modified the cooling for all units in service, that is probably why it lasted so long . Really strange because the phone line DSL modem still works.
I have another UTV upstairs that wasn't plugged in and it is OK and a spare to replace the downstairs smoked unit. I don't trust the spare to much, capacitors have started to leak.
I need to get one or two more RCA spares because we want to stick with UTV as long as possible. Hard drives and remotes don't matter, just as long as both tuners work.
I got the spare one through the forum so I will try one more time.

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