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Question on Theater Recliners (Palliser Pacifico)

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Hi All,

I tossed my HDTV and replaced it with a projector in my living room. Now that I've started into this theater business, I am thinking about investing in some theater recliners (Palliser Pacifico) to replace my sofa to complete the experience. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could answer my below questions:

1) I see that most people here have a dedicated theater room for movies and whatnot, but since my setup is in my living room, would the Palliser Pacifico be a good fit? Is there a difference between a regular recliner for the living room and a theater recliner in terms of how fast they wear and tear? Or even comfort? These will be used daily...

2) I searched the forum regarding bonded leather vs top grain leather and it seems that there are people who love both. I don't want to revive a debate on which is better and I'm not a leather enthusiast, but I would pay more for it if it meant the chairs would last longer. Just wondering if people who have the Pacifico with bonded leather could chime in on how they are holding up?

3) Looks like there is a Palliser Pacifico II in bonded leather at the theaterseatstore.com for $479 (manual recline). Wondering if this chair has the "new generation" of bonded leather that I was reading about in these forums? And if there is a big difference between to the Pacifico and the Pacifico II? They look exactly the same to me. And is newer always better for theater recliners?

4) What is the difference between Sinuous Springs and Individual Pocket Coils? The Pacifico II has the Individual Pocket Coils and the Pacifico, the Blade, and the Bullet has the Sinuous Springs.

Your help is greatly appreciated! If I should be looking at another set of chairs, please let me know as well. I would ideally like the option for tray tables and storage in the arm compartments (which I realize the Pacifico's do not have..) in my criteria. Price wise, $600 is max per chair, but closer to $500 is more realistic.

Sorry for all the questions!

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I just bought the Pacifico about 6 months ago. I'm no expert on springs or leather, but I can speak about the seats. The seats are comfortable, but I've found they are not quite as comfortable as my old Palliser Hyland chairs. My friend that is 6'4 or so usually puts a pillow under his head when reclining because they do not have enough head support for him. They are fine for me though and I would not want higher backs.
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Hi Brandon

I have used the Palliser brand for 5 theatres that I have built in the past. Most of which I purchased directly here in Canada or thru Bill at the Theaterseatstore.com that your looking at. the Palliser price point is perfect, especially when there are sales on. I usually go with Red 1500 leather and fake leather on the sides. I have never had any problems with the quality and the basic components of the chairs are the same compared to the more expensive competitors. So yu wont be disappointed in Palliser for sure.

I dont know the difference between the coils but all the items I have bought over 15 years have been great and have lasted a long time.

i find that the wear and tear in Palliser is no different then a Lazyboy chair at double the price. take good care of it and it will last. Jump up and down on it and expect to replace it in a couple years.

Palliser recently changed all their product names so that could explain the difference in the product name, but yet the same design.

My only other advice would be to download the spec sheets and look at the dimensions of the individual and combined chairs. most of them are roughly the same but some have deeper seats and taller backs. All depending on how tall you are, this makes a big difference in comfort. I always look for a 42-44" tall back as I am very tall and the 39" backs are uncomfortable, they don't provide me with head rest.

Also subscribe to Theaterseatstore.com, they have several sales each year with 5-10% off or free add-ons. its worth the wait.
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Thank you both for the reply!

After browsing more on the forum, looks like the Fusion Collection is a viable option as well and it seems like a lot of people here enjoy them. I'll keep digging and doing research to see which would be the best fit for me. Decisions decisions! smile.gif
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I know you don't want a debate, but I have to reply to #3. I was at a leather conference in May and asked if anyone had heard of a new bicast/bonded leather. No one had heard of anything new. Do I think bicast/bonded is continuously being improved? Yes, but it still isn't a good everyday material. If the price is the same, then a leather/vinyl match is much better than bonded. The only issue you should have with leather/vinyl match is sometimes a separation at the seams.

I might add that the only person who said that there was a new bonded leather on the market was Roman.
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Ericglo, thanks for the input. There is a bit of a mark up for the leather/vinyl match, but it is not a significant increase (for the Fusion Collection). I may just splurge and go for the leather/vinyl as these seats will be used heavily. More to think about and more time to save for them!
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So what did you wind up getting Brandon? I too am looking at the Palliser Pacifico II at Theater Seat Store. I like the fact that they have a 44" high seat back and a space saving design (that's the only way I can get 4 seats in a row in our somewhat narrow home theater).

Just curious what you went with, thanks in advance.

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I might add that the only person who said that there was a new bonded leather on the market was Roman.


Please do not twist my words. I never said that there was "new bonded leather" on the market. Like any other product bonded leather has been improving, and what we use on our chairs is quite impressive and durable material. With all do respect to your love to leather (and I love leather a lot as well) some of the bonded leathers today would easily compete with leather in all respects - comfort, looks and durability.

NOTE: I am not here to start any flaming wars, so I will not be participating in any discussion about bonded leather/vs. leather here. I am just expressing my personal opinion.
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