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BP8020ST system 5.2 setup and Audyssey

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I have a new DefTech 5.2 setup (BP-8020ST Fronts towers, SR-8040BP surround and CS-8040HD center) with Denon 3313CI. I have to admit I am serious impressed with these speakers and they produce amazing sound. Though I don't have a perfect room, bi-polar nature of these speakers seem to produce lot more wide and even sound.

I have hooked up both fronts with speaker wire and LFE (SW1 and SW2 outputs from the receiver to 8020ST LFE inputs via 2 separate cables).

First did manual configuration and picked "Large" for all speakers and picked "LFE+Main" for bass and setup measured distances for speakers from main listing position.

With above setup, got great sound and bass and worked well for music. However, surrounds were low to ineffective for movies that had 5.1 sound.

Next I ran Audyssey setup that came with Denon (MultiEQ-XT). When done, all looked well except 2 things:

1. It had changed my fronts to "small"
2. subwoofer distance calculated was way off than the measured distance.

I decided to manually change speaker to "Large"

In this setup, I am getting great sound with HD/5.1 movies and surrounds can be heard/felt nicely.

But have one annoying problem with music. When I use receiver "Dolby Surround" music mode, I feel there is a overwhelming high frequency effect and extended listening starts bothering me. It is hard to explain but I can feel something strange in my sound perception and feeling. As a test I switched to "Stereo" mode and suddenly there is calming effect.

Any idea on what I need to look for and suggestions for tweaks in receiver setup? In general, are there documented ways of running "Audyssey" setup to get the best of DefTech speakers? All the information I have found on the net say that bi-polar nature of these speakers confuses Audyssey setup.

Thanks in advance
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I can't speak for the denon but I own the deftech 8060 towers and center...no surrounds yet and when I calibrated with pioneers MCACC it was OK not great....in my trials yes the bipolar effect does play a role in miss calibration...so I run mine flat with no EQ in pure direct mode....sounds fantastic now.Also regarding your complaint about the treble...for me the S's in voices and other high frequency sounds were a touch harsh....so for me I have a setting called X-curve witch tames the treble from 0.5-3.0 decibles down starting from 2 kz...I set my speakers to 2.0 decibles down via the X-curve setting and treble is perfect now in my room....I can even crank it up more now because the sound isn't harsh now....hope this helps...wink.gif
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