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Replacing HTiB bookshelf speakers and center speaker - need suggestions!

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Hey all. I am performing piecemeal upgrades on my old HTiB system (an Onkyo HT-S580).

Of course, the first thing I did a couple years ago was replace the Receiver and the Subwoofer. It made a world of difference, and I enjoyed the system so much that I never bothered to replace my satellite and center channels yet. It's also my understanding that my original system had unusually good-quality speakers (for an HTiB), so I've been happy with them so far.

But I'm getting the itch. I need to upgrade! I'm having trouble determining which speakers would be the best options for my money. I would like to replace my current speakers with better speakers of similar dimensions, and some of the best options I've looked at are double the size of my current bookshelf speakers! Can you guys suggest some bookshelf and center speakers which would make excellent replacements for my current ones, while keeping a (relatively) similar size?

I lay myself prostrate and ask for the guidance of the AVSForum-dwellers.

Here's a little bit of info about my current system and my living room:

The living room is all hardwood flooring, with an open floor-plan that leads directly into the kitchen. My TV is mounted above a fireplace mantle, and my center speaker is mounted directly below the mantle. The mantle itself spans from wall-to-wall, and the front bookshelf speakers are resting on it, in the 2 corners of the room. My rear speakers are mounted on the wall in the rear corners of the room.

The speakers:
(from original Onkyo HT-S580)
Font L/R - Onkyo SKF-330F x2 (5.83"W x 7.95"H x 3.98"D)
Rear L/R - Onkyo SKS-330S x2 (5.83"W x 7.95"H x 3.98"D)
Center - Onkto SKC-330C x1 (14.17"W x 5"H x 5.16"D)

Subwoofer - BIC America V-1220
Receiver - Onkyo TX-SR608

I'm looking for bookshelf speakers which range around $100-$250 per pair, and a center speaker which also runs in the $100-$250 range.
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Just putting some extra thoughts on paper;

I originally was looking at the BIC DV62si bookshelves and the BIC DV-62CLRS center; the price is right, and I've heard great things. But they're just... so... big! If I can cram that much power into a slightly smaller package, I'd be pleased.

The ProMonitor 800 speakers have also caught my attention. I've considered buying 1 pair of the ProMonitor 800 speakers for the Front L/R, and then in the future buy a pair of ProMonitor 1000 speakers, migrating the 800's to the Rear L/R

The ProCenter 1000 would make a logical complement to that.
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If the Center and bookshelves are resting on a mantle - then I would
look at front ported or sealed. Other than the Pro 1000 speakers >>>
I would look at HTD Level Two and Center, which will meet the budget.

And they are nice
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