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Fan Swap?

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Now using a SS, I've picked up both a 5504 and a 5040. I'd like to use the latter (keep the others as spares), but the fan is noticeably louder, so I'm thinking of a swap. Are the fans interchangeable, and are there complications I should know about (I've done simple PC drive/memory/card replacements, but haven't opened an RTV)?
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You need to make ReplayTVUpgrade your friend! Check out this page! And, there are plenty of threads around with several ideas. Personally, I saw where someone simply plugged the 50xx's 12v fan wire into the 5 volt supply to make it quieter. And, there used to be several quiet fan upgrade kits, but they're probably harder to find now...
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I had a 5040 that stopped functioning. I purchased a used/upgraded unit. The used unit had a non-working after-market fan. It was a breeze to have the two cases open, unscrew the fans from the chassis, disconnect the power wires, and put the working fan into the working unit.
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Lurker ... Many thanks for the tip; I've now bookmarked RTVUpgrade as a valuable resource.
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