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My five-year-old Olivia died earlier this week. Not going to attempt to repair it. Stopped in and found two "too good to be true" deals at my local Frys. They have the LG 47" LV355B for $500. I checked it out and this is a EZSign commercial TV, but it seems to have the features I need for casual viewing. Only drawback is that it is 60Hz frame rate.

They also had the LM6200 in the 47" size for $600. This is a 3D consumer model with lots of features and a 120Hz frame rate.

These prices seem too good to be true, but I called and confirmed they are right. Since this is my "second set" mostly used for casual viewing, is there any reason not to get one or the other? I feel like I must be missing something here.

Thanks for your help.