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Pioneer SP-FS51-LR worthy upgrade?

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Several years ago I bought some Energy C-100's for a small apartment, and have been working splendidly since.

I'm now in a bigger place, where the listening/ht room is about 16' x 13', and I'm feeling like the energy's might not be filling the room like the used to.

I noticed Best Buy was clearing stock of Pioneer SP-FS51-LR floorstanding speakers, and are selling the pair for $75, and the Best Buy near me has one in stock.

Are they going to be a good step up or should I wait?


The receiver is a Pioneer VSX D912 for reference (I realize it wants 8 ohm, and the fs51's are 6 ohm, but I figured it'd be okay here).
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please reply on this as im also interested to hear the feedback
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For $75 I'd buy them in a heartbeat. I used to own the C-100 bookshelf and they're pretty good. For $75 though, the Pioneer towers would be hard to pass up.

This is a no brainer to me because you could easily get your money back if you sold them locally on craigslist.

plus you can buy the center for $50 and surrounds for $50/pr.
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