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Hi, I’m currently looking to upgrade my existing speaker setup which has gotten a bit long in the tooth to something more powerful and current. I figure my budget is in the 800-900 range and while I am looking at the HTiB’s I wouldn’t have a problem building a system if it fit the budget and did what I and looking for. Any and all advice is appreciated as I’m learning as I go on this.

I’m looking at the HTiB mostly for the convenience as I know I could sit here and research thing till the end of time and not pull the trigger. The idea that I can find a full system that works well and does what I want is a nice one, Im hoping that the expertise here can tell me if this is the right call or not.

Anyhoo, here’s the relevant info:
Looking for a system that will get 40% its use playing games and the rest split between watching tv/movies and listening to music or watching music channels (palladia, etc)

The things I really would like are the following:
• Ability to connect to my home network, wired preferable
• The HDMI InstaPrevu tech seems like a great PIP solution for HDMI and if I can actually use it as such would be great. Currently my TV has PIP but will not work for HD signals and I would love to be able to have two inputs visible at a time.
• Quality

Nice to have:
Ability to Upgrade as time goes on instead of having to replace whole system.

From what I have read I won’t get much from 7.1 based on the room layout as there is no room behind where we will be sitting for the rear speakers. The systems I have been looking at were some Onkyos and Denon but I’m open to anything as in all honesty I’m not sure which models to pull the trigger on. The Onkyo I kind of like is a 7.1 because of the features and quality which seems like it would be a little of a waste. If there’s information you need to help me just let me know, thanks in advance!