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Epson 5020 shipping October 22..

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Just looked at one of our sponsors sites Visualapex and it shows the Epson 5020 shipping on October 22. I'm very anxious to read some reviews on this projector!
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I also see Projector People has also announced the 5020 shipping mid to late October. I'm somewhat surprised there is only $100.00 difference between the 5020 and the 5010?..
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Hi. First time poster here. I was actually blissfully unaware of the 5020, after spending the last couple of months focused on reading about the 5010. Night before last I finally decided to pull the trigger on ordering it, as my current TV's (7 year old Samsung 61" DLP) color wheel is about to give up the ghost. I ordered through Projector People, who then called me first thing yesterday morning to confirm that I really wanted to order the 5010 and wondered if I was aware of the 5020...which I wasn't. They were kind enought to switch my order and informed me that they would recieve their first shipment of 5020s today, 10/26. Unfortunately, I selected ground shipping, so I'm not exactly sure when it will arrive, but I'm hoping it is before next weekend.
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Hi TBirdPDX,
Welcome to avsforum and now follow the thread on Digital Hi-End projectors about the 5020 . zombie10k will have one on Monday and will do a report on it for 2D and 3D.
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Thank you, jsil. I just subscribed. smile.gif
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Just received mine this past weekend and its definitely a nice upgrade. I had been running an epson tw-600 so this was a great boost in image quality, brightness, and features. The 3d is also great, tested so far watching the avengers and its just like being in a theater, no noticeable flicker or anything like that. The only downside Ive found so far is that it does not support 1080p24 SBS, and since alot of tv providers broadcast their 3d in that mode it means you cant watch it and are stuck with what you can get on discs
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What about Directv 3D?.
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probably not the movies. I believe espn is 720p sbs, but the movies are 1080p and knowing the chipset thats in the directv boxes the most it can do is 1080p24 and thats what they usually do the movies at. Im on dish (and write the software for the boxes) and everyone uses the same chipsets so they have the same limits.

The 5020 does support 720p sbs though so at least the channels should be ok

I sent an email to their support hoping to find out if maybe it will be updated in the future with a firmware update but no response yet. I also tried calling but couldnt really get ahold of anyone with the tech knowledge to understand the issue
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Thanks for the reply. It looks like the Benq W7000 does work for Directv and maybe dish.
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Got a reply back from epson and they said they have tested with directv ppv and it works for them, so either dtv isnt using 1080p24 for 3d, or they arent checking the edid and restricting based on that. So for directv users it might still be ok
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Thanks ezelkow1 for the info this will help.
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I am looking into 5020 as well. Interested in finding out if anyone has done side by side pictures quality comparison between 3010 and (5020). Ultimately I like to know if it is worth spending extra money on 5020 or should I rather invest that in a Black Diamond screen with 3010. My environment:
- dark room
- movie watching only
- 110" screen
- 14 feet away.
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