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Just bought the following speakers for an HT build at my new house:

5 JTR triple 8s for center, surround, and DSXY wide
2 JTR triple 12s for L and R
Paradigm reference sub 15

I traded my soul for them....smile.gif
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sadly, my soul isn't worth that much... redface.gif

salk ht2-tl's, ht2c, ht-1's... submersive hp...

too darn much, but worth every penny... as someone else noted earlier, the endless cycle of upgrades cost more than the "final" upgrade did...
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Yikes... I hardly dare to count... and I haven't the price I paid in memory, so I'm going by the pricelist - which is higher than what I paid.

Front speakers $12.5k
Subwoofers $11.5k
Surround speakers. 8x$1k
Front high $1k
Front wide $1k

Center not bought yet - will cost $3-3.5k

( None available outside Sweden, so not much use in stating make and model. )
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Back in HS, I got into audio, thanks to a Klipsch Promedia 4.1 computer speaker system, but never had the money and was happy with the computer speakers. In college I started dreaming of my systems and finally managed to get one after finishing college, though it took some time still. I got them as a group so don't remember the exact breakdown of each item. I want to replace the AVR but figure I'll do so once I move into a house of my own since it's adequate enough for now and most of my web apps run through my PC or Xbox.

from AVS - $1,600
2 x Klipsch RF-82 II
Klipsch RC-62 II
2 x Klipsch RS-52 II

From Newegg
2 x Klipsch RF-52 II and Onkyo TX-SR608 - $800
2 x Klipsch RW-12D - $750

Total: $3,150

I was planning on buying a place and since I wanted to have a system in my room, I began looking at something. I originally thought of getting a Klipsch Icon WF system so started saving for it. Well, I also scrounged around CL for any good deal for speakers around my area. I did manage for find a great system, though the left and right speakers have some damage and one has the base breaking apart. I only noticed this after listening and decided to go with them due to the low price and not hearing a difference between the damaged and undamaged speakers.

2 x Klipsch RF-35
Klipsch RC-35
4 x Klipsch RB-25

Denon AVR-1712 - $250
Total for second set: $850

Total spent not counting video: $4,000. On the cheaper side of the some of the systems but I am more than pleased with the performance. Subs shake the room and house and speakers sound great.
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Klipsch RF-82 II - $800
Klipsch RC-62 II - $379
Polk Monitor 40 - $100 (surround)

Still waiting for deals on RC-62 II to complete the surround.
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Originally Posted by chenchr View Post

Klipsch RF-82 II - $800
Klipsch RC-62 II - $379
Polk Monitor 40 - $100 (surround)
Still waiting for deals on RC-62 II to complete the surround.

Don't you mean RS-62 II? I had a good laugh imagining center channel speakers on your walls tongue.gif
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LCR - JBL L890s - $1200
Surrounds X 4 JBL L820 - $600
JBL 1400 sub - $600
Outlaw EX sub - $600

Total - 3K
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I wish I could have tower but for my situation, I had to have in-ceiling speakers.

I have a 7.2 system

5 SpeakerCraft AIM8 Fives retail for $895.00 each

2 SpeakerCraft TIME Fives used as Wides retail for $1,300.00 each

1 TIME Controller to raise and lower the Time Fives retail for $550.00

1 HSU MBM-12 MK2 Mid Base retail for $500.00

SVSound PB 13-Ultra retial for $2000.00

After getting everything as cheap as possible, I have about $8,000.00 in my system.

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I picked up a 5.1 set off Craigslist

Polk Rti-A7 mains
Polk CSi-A6 center
Polk Rti-A3 surrounds
Polk DSW Pro 550 sub

All for a little over $1k if I remember correctly.

I sold the A3's, and stored the sub for later use.

Another CL find was a pair of Polk FXi-A4 di-poles for about $150 and a pair of Polk Rti4 speakers (back surround) for about $140.

Running dual BIC/Acoustech PL-200 subs. One new (From dealer), one lightly used (off CL). Total about $450 for both.

Upgraded the caps and resistors on the crossovers in the A7 towers and A6 center (Clarity Caps and Mills resistors) about $300 or so. Very, very nice improvement.

This of course does not include the AVR and dedicated amp or the other sets of speakers I bought before settling on the "modded" Rti-A line of Polks.
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2 Energy RC-50, 1 Energy RC-LCR, 2 Energy VS Surround: $1350
2 CHT SS18.1 w/Dayton amp and Antimode 8033c: $1550

YAHOO! Who else is in the "My Sub Setup Is More Than My 5.0 Speaker Set" Club?

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here's the retail (at time of purchase) and what i actually paid for just the speakers in my setups. everything was purchased brand new:

living room:
Polk RTi A9 $750 each
Polk CSi A6 $400
Speakercraft AIM WIDE 3 $585 each
SVS PB12-NSD $769

total retail $3839 / total actually paid $1841

Athena AS-F1 $400
Athena AS-C1 $180
Athena AS-B1 $180
JBL E250 $450

total retail $1210 / total actually paid $590

i like what i have for the budget i had in mind.
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My budget living room setup:

Klipsch VF-36 mains $400
Klipsch VC-25 center $200
Klipsch VS-14 Surrounds: $100
Take 2.2 (front height): ~$100?
Energy 10.3 sub: ~$300 (when I bought it about 7 years ago)

So, ~$1100 pre-tax.
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