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Draper Screen

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Just finished building our house and I am about to pick projector and screen.

I have pretty much settled on getting a Panasonic PT-AE8000 but I am not sure about the screen. I have the option to buy a Draper screen at a REALLY good price so I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the draper screen materials?

I was wanting to do 148" Diagonal 2.35:1 Clarion screen, but not sure about the screen material. I figured since the room is a dedicated theater with no windows, a white screen would work well (Draper XT1000E material 1.0 Gain matt white) but the selection tool on the Draper site suggests a grey material as the best option ( XS850E 0.85 Gain high contrast grey) even for a bat cave dark room.

Any opinions?
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Assuming you'll have a normal throw distance, I think you can use almost any of the Draper materials with that setup. If you prefer white to grey surfaces, the Matt White XT1000V should work well.
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Thanks for the advice! I ended up going with the XT1000 material.
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How does it work? I'm in the same situation- dealer has the white in stock others would have to be ordered... Any issues? I'm looking at 119 in diagonal for my hw50...

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In a dark room, white surfaces usually work well.
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